Saturday, February 17, 2018

How to save our quilts

At the February meeting, guest Ellen De Wind spoke about preserving and repairing old textiles and well- loved quilts. (below)   But first we enjoyed the usual display of talent in our show and tell!
(Apologies to those whose items are discolored.  My grandson likes to play with my camera and it took me a few minutes to find the right button to undo what he did)

Mary Kozub added a bit of satin cord to the edge of her pincushion from last month's class.

                               Lorraine West made this quilt as a gift for her granddaughter.

                    Ann Renica made this "I Spy" quilt for a baby coming soon to her family.

Trudy Kutter loves paper piecing, and is happy to have finished this little garden quilt from 2000.

Elaine Ross made this with some of the wet cyanotype pieces she has made.  A MUCH better picture, can be seen at her blog!

Inspired by the October - December block from Community Service, Linda Prouty played with some half square triangle units!  First she made hearts.
(Yay- I fixed it!)  

  Then she tried the"trip around the world" layout.  She might still have more units left, so stay tuned!

Elaine Lemley found the flannels for this quilt- for her grandson's big boy bed- on the clearance rack!

Susie Spicer made a sample of the "Diva wallet" to show us what we can do at the workshop in April.

                                           Susie also finished her pincushion.

Lori Anderson is working on UFOs.  She hand pieced this small quilt and made coasters with the extra blocks. 

                           This one is made from a set of mini charm squares Lori couldn't resist.

                          Marion Frye made a fidget blanket for her mom who's in a nursing home. 

Kathy Belluscio made this pinwheel quilt with flannels she found in her stash as a Community Service donation.

Cynda Watroba was so excited she couldn't stand still.  Her snow dyes are lovely, though (including her t-shirt!)

 Nancy Schrader is enjoying making her small quilts with words on them. This month, the word is love.

And here it is- the 2018 raffle quilt, made by Carol Mc Nally, Christine Hansen (and others whose names I missed) and quilted by Val Schultz

I'm sure we won't have trouble selling tickets for this one!

A few members brought well-loved quilts for Ellen De Wind to demonstrate restoration and repair. Her she shows Kathy Belluscio how to repair a baby quilt.

                     And here Linda Prouty gets advice on how to save her crazy quilt. 

The March 17 meeting will be a Community Service work day.  If you plan to come, check with Vinnie or Connie to find out what you can bring, and how you can help!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Challenge Display at the Library

The exhibit of our 2018 challenge quilts is now open at the Richmond Memorial Library.  It will be there until Wednesday, Feb 28.
All visitors are encouraged to vote for their "Viewer's Choice" favorite.
Members, please go view the quilts, and  vote for your favorites to win awards!

I know there are some who can never seem to get there, so here is a little preview of the quilts.  (Pictures don't really do them justice)
Quilts are posted in no particular order. The numbers are for the viewer's choice voting.  

Each wall of the gallery has its own flavor.

 You've Always Had the Power, My Dear!, by Lori Anderson

 I'll Get You, My Pretty!, by Lori Anderson

 Naughty, by Mary Lowe

 Coloring Outside the Lines (is Naughty), by Cynda Watroba

Wascally Wabbit, by Martha Lorshbaugh

 I Lift my Lamp, by Elaine Ross

 Crillow, by Elaine Lemley

 Mad Love, by Alex and Kevin Hammon

 Running With Scissors (is Naughty), by Cynda Watroba

 The Naughty Bits of a Tulip, by Martha Lorshbaugh

 We Are All Both Naughty and Nice (for Ann), by Susan Rathbun

 Praying for My Brave Soldier, by Nancy Schrader

 Naughty and Nice, by Mary Ellen Casey

 My Granddaughter- Elaina, by Elaine Ross

 Times of Trouble, by Kathi Everett

 Finding the Right Tree, by Gloria Crittenden

 Maxine Rules, by Mary Ellen Ames

 March Mascots, by Gloria Crittenden

 The "Nice" Part of Winter, by Chris Kuehl

 Naughty or Nice?, by Mary Kozub

 Nevertheless, She Persisted, by Dodie Morrison

Naughty Chicks, by Liz Wagner

Monday, January 29, 2018

Challenge Presentation

If you were unable to be at the January Meeting to see the challenge quilts being revealed, we have a surprise for you!  Karen Canning, director of the GLOW Traditions project, was in the audience and recorded the whole thing for us!
Karen is collecting stories about the quilts we make, with an eye toward doing several exhibits featuring the quilts and their stories.  If you have one, you can submit it at the link above.

The video was too long to post all at once, so part I is here.

And part II is here:

We'll be hanging the exhibit on Friday morning, so I'll be able to get good pictures of each quilt for your enjoyment. 

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Being naughty or nice

The January meeting is always well attended because it is the meeting where the annual challenge is revealed.  One member admitted it is her favorite meeting of the year! 
 There was quite a lineup of members ready to show whether they had been "Naughty or Nice"- this year's theme.

 Mary Kozub started us off with thispiece featuring her cat, who canbe both naughty and nice.

 Mary Lowe channeled Helen Mirren's "Calendar Girls" character in her entry.

 Mary Ellen Casey's granddaughter can also be both naughty and nice.

 Gloria Crittenden showed us very nice....

 and a little bit naughty!

 Cynda Watroba made naughty very nice with her "Coloring Outside the Lines" entry!

Chris Kuehl's winter cardinals are very nice!

And Liz Wagner gave us all a good laugh with this piece featuring naughty chickens!

The entire collection will be on display at the Richmond memorial Library from Feb 2 through Feb 28.  Stop in and vote for your favorites!  I'll post pictures of them all once the exhibit is open. I may be able to post the member ballot as well.  Check back after the groundhog pops his head out.  :-)

Our non-challenge show and tell was also beautiful and inspiring.

 Nancy Ellers has been making quilts to donate to the Lipson cancer center here in Batavia.

 Nancy altered the attern for this bag from an episode of Sewing With Nancy.

 Tracy Jachimowicz has been making table runners.  One for autumn...

 One for anytime.

 Tracy's son reminded her she had promised a tree skirt.  This was made with a jelly roll.

 Mary Ellen Casey is entering this piece into the consortium "Converge" challenge.

 Nancy Schrader turned her "Paisley Zentangle" piece form the class with Laura Cunningham into a very nice bag.  She has also been practicing and turned some of her "dirty laundr" into coasters. (Sorry I didn't get a picture I could post!)

 Elaine Lemley turned some small embroidery pieces into this sweet wall hanging, featuring free motion chicken feathers!

 Elaine also made this quilt with some scraps to donate to the Lipson cancer center.

 Terry McGuire intended to make a fish quilt for her husband. The third (and final) one is his!

 Kathy Belluscio is givign this "disappearing pinwheels" quilt to her daughter-in-law.

 Connie Grimsley shared some of the quilts turned in for Community Service today.

  The block for February is a 16 patch (four rows of four squares) using 2 inch blocks.  If you cut scraps for JoanFord's "Scrap Therapy" you're halfway there!  If you need 2 inch blocks contact Martha!

 Sandy Schufelt Made these woven table runners after a class. (above and below)

 Sandy gave this quilt a naughty name since she had so much trouble with it. 

Marie Bell, of Country treasures in Brockport shared her knowledge of felting wool, and techniques for using it.

After the meeting, we enjoyed a class to make the sweet pincushions at the front of this display.

The February meeting will help us all with storage and repair of our quilts.

It's not too soon to mark your calendar for "Stitches in Time" 2018, to be held October 19 and 20 at the Alexander Fireman's Hall on Route 98 in Alexander. We'd love to see you there!

Don't forget to visit our website!