Thursday, December 3, 2020

Monthly minis- group projects for all to make!

 Thanks to Jenny Grimsley for kicking off this new way for us to connect! Each month, links to a small project sill be shared with you all.  If you make one, please send a picture to me, post it on facebook, show it at the next virtual meeting....  Let's stay connected any way we can!

This month, Jenny is sharing a cord holder she and her Sunday night sewing circle have done.  Cute and very useful!

Make your own- or give them as gifts!  Here's how:


November show and tell

 Editor's note:

Blogger has made some changes which are making it very frustrating for me to try and get pictures where I want them.  I apologize for the large blank spaces and descriptions that may not match the nearest photo.  I have neither the time nor the patience to fight with it any further. 


Melanie Tubinis sent these in from projects she and her mom, Mary Anne Watson, have been working on.


Here are some photos of a quilt and baby book that my mom and I made for my nephew's baby.  

My mom made the quilt top and did the binding.  I quilted the quilt. 











 I made the alphabet book out of a panel and hand-stitched his name into the floor pictured on the back of the book. 

 My Aunt Nancy Lobaugh, my mother's sister and a former guild member for a brief time, had started this quilt for her grandson before she passed away last year.  Aunt Nancy had cut all the pieces.  After she passed away, my mom, stitched the top together. I did the quilting and my mom did the binding.  The backing was a very soft fleece that my aunt had chosen.  We are happy to have finished it and hope her grandson will enjoy it as a memory of his grandma since she chose the fabrics and started it for him.

At the Zoom meeting November 21, I was able to grab a few pictures as well. These first few were sent to Connie  ahead of time- making it so much easier to see the items as well as for me to get a picture!

Nancy Ellers shared these projects:

This quilt and matching bag were made for a friend undergoing chemotherapy.

 Nancy decided to use the little orphan woven heart block as the center of this quilt when she found it in her stash.  She was trying to find something to use as a border, since she had no more of the green from the original block.

Elaine Lemley figured out how to enlarge a phone holder she saw online to make tablet holders for her nieces and nephews (I think)- since they are using their tablets for school these days.  

Martha Lorshbaugh has been busy knitting little critters for the holidays.  She said the reindeer will probably have to tow the sleigh alone, as the antlers are far too fussy!

Please keep sending pictures!  Your fellow members would love to see how you're spending your time!

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Catching up a little bit

 I'm so sorry to those few who showed items on our most recent zoom.  I grabbed a few screen shots, that aren't very good pictures at all, and felt it wouldn't make a good blog post at all, so I didn't bother.  

But I guess I should post something every month in case some of you are coming here to see what your fellow guild members are doing.  I don't keep in touch well with anyone from guild, so our monthly meetings were my only place to check in with people.  I hope some of you have closer connections than I do, and are getting together in whatever way is safe/ comfortable for you!

Connie Grimsley, Vinnie Thjung, Jennifer Grimsley and Sue Privatera have formed a virtual Sunday night sewing circle  and it is always fun to see the little projects they have worked on.

These are little cord wraps- for chargers and such.

I think Connie Said Vinnie suggested this leaf

Just in time for Halloween, a little pumpkin mat.

Microwave bowl cozies- using the microwave safe batting!

Nancy Ellers was working on a string quilt, and shared her progess.

The chicken might be by Elaine Lemley- I'm so sorry ... it's hard enough to get screen shots without trying to write down who is showing stuff. 


Martha shared a quilt she had hoped to finish for the quilt show.  I'm sure with two more years, she'll get it done- right???


The community service committee has been busy!  Six wheelchair sized quilts were donated to the VA- one is pictured below.  We received a thank you from the VA, saying the vets' "eyes just light up and they were so happy to receive them"

Gift bags have been coming in for the Salvation Army annual collection.  You have until November 21 to turn in bags.   For more details, see the guild webpage. 

I'll try to do better after the November meeting- if there are things to share.  Please keep in touch.  We'll be together again!!!

Monday, September 28, 2020

September Show and Tell

Are you missing going to quilt shows?  We all are! A few of our members joined in the "Hang a Quilt Outside day" promoted on Facebook.  The idea was to put on a sort of quilt show for the world.


                                                          Kathy Belluscio's back yard show

                                                                Nancy Ellers' display.

                                             Martha Lorshbaugh's front porch display

  If you played along, you can still send me a picture! 


We had a few more members join in the zoom meeting in September.  So nice to see familiar faces and share a laugh or two!  I grabbed screen shots of some of the projects shown.   (I have cropped myself out of most of the pictures for you!) I'm sorry I don't have better descriptions- I can't write notes and get the pictures at the same time. 

Connie and Jenny showed similar projects made in their zoom "Sunday sew along"

Connie went first...

                                                                 Super sweet pincushion


                                                              Clothesline coasters

Then it was Jenny's turn

Jenny said she has been wanting to make a banner for her library table for a while.  Isn't it beautiful!

Lori Anderson ran out of steam and fabric following along with Bonnie Hunter's Unity quilt.  It's a nice size, so she's happy with it.


Alex showed a few of the birds Kevin has been painting on fabric.  This was the only picture that was clear enough to share.

I couldn't get a picture of Nancy Eller's pieces, but she was nice enough to send them to me.

 A lovely Celtic runner (?- or door hanging?)

 Nancy was inspired to create a covid quilt, using images of the virus.  It is 3-D, with stuffing and little flaps on each of the dastardly things. 

Irene Bow sent these pictures.  I had to wait for the newsletter to come out to get the descriptions.


Irene has been picking flowers from her garden to enjoy inside while she still can. 

This is a project bag given to Irene by her niece, which included some crocheted pieces Irene's mother made.

I'd love to see more of what you're all working on

- and more of YOU at the next Zoom meeting.  Give it a try- it's easier than you think, and a great way to be safely together with our guild! Watch your email for information.

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Meeting Virtually

 The Guild held its first Virtual meeting on August 15.  It was a small group, but it was Oh, so wonderful to see faces and laugh together after such a long time!  Sadly, I have no way to share the items shown during the meeting.  I have later discovered I can take screen shots during the meeting, so may try that next time.  I hope more of you will join us on September 19.  There will be another practice session on Sept 17 if you are unsure how Zoom works.  Check your email for meeting links and details.  

Meanwhile, a few photos trickle in every month to be shared here. 

Ann Renica sent in the first one.

This picture is of my daughter, Lynn’s Wedding quilt.  It's a king-sized quilt that I finally finished and presented to her and her husband, Ray on their 7th anniversary.  It's made of batik fabric.  I did the quilting myself on my Janome in 2 pieces and then connected them.

Kathy Belluscio sent in these two photos.

Modern Birch Trees finished for a great nephew.

Below is a scrap quilt - top only, for my son’s new camper. Will use some stripped material to create the backing. Trying to sew down my stash, long way to go. Also been knitting, completed two sweaters for my great-great niece. Now hats & mittens for the Christmas season.

I'd love to see more, and I'm sure the rest of the group would as well.  

In the meantime, I think of you all often and am so looking forward to all the hugs and show and tell we'll have at our first in person meeting.... someday.  (sigh)


Hooray- there's more!

Kathleen Robinson sent in this one, with this note:

  These are 6 of the socks I knitted, 3 went too new homes, the 10th un finished is last. First socks I knitted when I was 12 yrs old. 2nd, the short blue ones, the end of April at 83. Has helped my sanity in this very troubled times. Non existent socialization has been the worst. Thanks for keeping in touch. Have 5 more skeins in my stash.


Monday, July 27, 2020

The Next best Thing to Being There.

Hi everyone!  I hope all are doing well, staying safe and enjoying the summer heat! (if you're a fan of the heat)
It's not the same as hearing the stories and getting to see them in person, but I am so grateful for those of you sending in pictures to share on the blog. 

Melanie Tubinis is getting us started this month.

I made this quilt as part of a wedding gift.  I used the pattern "Stepping Stones" from Fabric Cafe patterns. 
Here's a close-up of the free motion quilting I did on it.

I made an extra large bag out of an old denim skirt.  The skirt had suspender straps attached to it, so I just stitched the bottom closed with 3 rows of stitching.  I did the middle row in a decorative stitch for a bit of fun and added strength.
Here's a close-up of the detail on the skirt turned bag

I hope to see more pictures soon.  As long as I'm hoping, I hope to see you all very soon!!

Ann Renica sent in this picture, and a story...

I was in Florida when the pandemic hit and joined a group in Tampa/St Pete to sew face masks for hospitals and nursing homes.  I continued sewing masks when I returned to Rochester hooking up with the Rochester City School District when my daughter Lynn, a district teacher, told me there was a need with their food and tech employees.  I sewed a total of 1300 masks when I took a sabbatical to make a quilt for my granddaughter Allie’s graduation from high school.  It was finished just in time for her party.  It’s a scrappy scattered squares.

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Staying together, though we're apart.

Greetings!  I hope you are all enjoying your summer as best you can in this very different period of time.  We may not be able to hold our meetings, but our guild is staying strong! 
If you're a member but not getting your newsletter, please make sure you have paid your dues for the year.  There are great stories from our friends every month, helping us feel connected.  Please share your stories with Alex for the next newsletter.  We'd love to hear from you!

If you weren't aware of it, the consortium has started a new Facebook page where we can all share news from our guild members in order to stay connected while we're staying safely apart.  You can join here:
Or let me know you want to join and I think I can invite you!
One piece of news recently shared there is that Barb Smith of Limestone Threads- who was to be a vendor at our show in October- has opened a small shop!  She is taking appointments between 10 am and 7 pm, Monday- Saturday. Please contact her at for more details and bookings.

So far the only picture I have received is this one from John Roll and JoAnn Flynt.
John said:
"This is the quilt we made for JoAnn's grand niece. Started it at the Guild Retreat in Georgia. Finished it this week up here. "

 For myself, I have done very little quilting in the last couple of months.  I have been doing some drawing and coloring as a way to de-stress.  This is a picture I drew featuring some garden friends. 

I look forward to seeing more of your  projects very soon! 
Stay well and keep in touch!