Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Old and New Business

The November meeting felt like a reunion of sorts.  We didn't have a meeting in October due to the quilt show, so it seemed like forever since we had been together.
The Viewer's Choice Awards were given to the lucky winners based on votes by attendees.  Jean had a hard time narrowing it down to just a few, since so many got votes. Since she had awards to give, she did!  Jean said: Viewer’s Choice Awards are considered by many to be the finest award a quilter can win.  It is an honor and a clear indication of the preferences of the attendees.  As you can see some of the votes were very close resulting several entries tied.

1st Place – #117 Elephants on Parade by Nancy Bush
2nd Place – # 114 Sweet Dreams in Lavender by Nancy Bush
3rd Place – #111 Sweet Sixteen by Irene Bow
4th Place – #101 Prairie Star by Mary Ellen Ames
5th Place (tie) – #102 Celtic Wave by Mary Ellen Ames
5th Place (tie) - #124 Autumn in Stafford by Mary Ellen Casey
5th Place (tie) – #192 It’s Not Often You Find a Flamingo in East Bethany by Mary Kozub
5th Place (tie) – #207 Scrappers Delight by Shirley Lapp
6th Place – #258 Magic of Winter by Donna Tomski
7th Place - #225 Dominic’s Quilt by Anne O’Geen
8th Place (tie) - #222 Wheels for Eli by Becky Nichols
8th Place (tie) –#228 Twilight Garden by Linda Prouty
9th Place (tie) - #185 Calico Garden by Arlene Kelly
9th Place (tie) - #221 Sweet Dreams by Becky Nichols

At show and tell, I think we were all surprised by how many people had new things to share!

These were made to test the pattern
 Nancy Ellers has been knitting up a storm, in anticipation of visiting her family.
This one's for her grandson

A really warm hat for her son


A lap robe to donate

Lorraine West made a nice travel bag and a wallet

Lorraine's little candy dishes are reversible

Lorraine uses her stash of HSTs to make Community Service quilts

Terry McGuire made this as part of a friendship challenge

Terry used fabrics from the fabric pool to make this for Community service

fabric box made from an orphan block

Donna Sofokles brought an assistant to help her with show and tell!

Remember when we had Erica Plank visit the guild?  Donna is the first to show something she finished from that visit.  If anyone else makes these, contact Donna about the grommet tool.  :-)

Kathy Belluscio is attempting to finish 9 quilts for Christmas

Donna Tomski bought kits of the month for small seasonal quilts.  One down.

This is a pillowcase dress made to be taken to the Phillipines

Donna shared barb Brady's very special show and tell- a comfort quilt from a  caring group of quilters at the Fillmore Wesleyan Church.

And a matching bag to carry it in. 

Mary Ellen Casey had hoped to show this in October, but underestimated how long the hand quilting was going to take.  It was started around 10 years ago in a class with Sandy at Mt Pleasant.

Nancy Hyde's quilt was too large to open all the way.  What we did see is gorgeous!!

Tracy Jachimowicz reminds us we can make the projects from the books we buy!

For Tracy's grandson.  She wasn't sure how to quilt it.

 Cathy Judkins didn't hold her bags still long enough for a decent picture, but I didn't want to leave her out. (Remember when you show your items, Martha is trying to photograph. :-)

Connie and Vinnie showed some of the quilts turned in to Community Service today.

 Elaine is using her new photography skills in her digital quilt images.  This one was made for an "Old Paint" challenge.

Elaine's small fiber arts group had an artist inspired challenge.  Elaine was inspired by Klimt and Matisse to interpret a tree.

Then she made the piece below to show how Elaine creates an image à la Klimt and Matisse.

Maria Adams "triangulations" pillow

Maria also made this lovely autumn Attic Windows quilt.

Mary Kozub finally got around to quilting a panel she bought many years ago.

Martha Lorshbaugh's "modern" quilt, part of an ArtCGirlz challenge.

The program for the November meeting was demos by members of the guild- always a favorite place for new ideas!

 Martha demonstrated how to finish the edge of a quilt quickly with back to front binding. (sorry about the ads, but it's a good tutorial)

 Melanie delighted her audience with the Disappearing Pinwheels demo she did!
She also showed this disappearing hourglass, since the two blocks start out with the same units.

 Mary Lowe demonstrated how fun it is to make hexagons into small works of art, using this book, and some wonderful fabrics!

Cathy Schmeider showed how to make stuffed pumpkins; perfect for a holiday centerpiece!  Cathy made her own pattern, so if you missed the demo, give her a call!

Our December meeting will be our annual Christmas party.  Bring a dish to pass (think brunch, not lunch) and your own place setting, and maybe a Christmas project to share!  Remember, we meet one week earlier-- on December 10!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Wonderland of Trees

Every year, the guild puts up a tree at the Holland Land Office Museum for their "Wonderland of Trees" event.  Our dear Kate Martin was the most recent chair of this event.  She loved Christmas.

The guild's collection of ornaments has yet to be located, as they had been in Kate's care.  So a plea was sent out to the membership just a couple of weeks before the tree was scheduled to go up asking for donations of ornaments to be used for this year's tree.   As always, our members were there to answer the call!

 The tree went up on Wednesday.  As always, it is just beautiful.  We want to thank all who donated ornaments and especially the ladies who spent the time to decorate the tree. It must have been a bittersweet time, with Kate so close in our thoughts.

 Emmy Hartwick even made a new topper for the tree using the guild's museum logo!

 Thanks, Ladies!

Jean Butzer, Anne O'Geen, Shirley Lapp, Cheryl Doody, Dodie Morrison, Nancy Ellers

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Congratulations to our Quilt Show Award Winners

As judged by Beth Davis, Alice Donaldson and John Kubinec, the following quilts won ribbons at our show last weekend.  They spent several hours making these very difficult decisions, and we thank them!!
Best in Show
 For the second time in a row, the Best in Show award went to Jean Butzer.  This time it was for her "Garden Sampler"
Congratulations, Jean!

The rest of the winners, in no particular order

 Large Quilt, Hand Appliqué: Arlene Kelly "Calico Garden"

 Large Quilt, Machine Appliqué: Irene Bow "Sweet Sixteen"

Large Quilt machine Appliqué Second Place:  Becky Nichols "Wheels for Eli"

 Paper Pieced: Mary Ellen Ames "Celtic Wave"

 Most Creative: Kathi Everett "Motherness"

Most Creative Second Place: Nancy Bush "The Life of a Hobo"

 Best Landscape Quilt: Cynda Watroba "Turn That Map Sideways"

 Best Quilted Fashion: Becky Nichols " One Bag is All You Need"

 Small Quilt Piecing: Melanie Watson "Siciliano Sunrise"

 Small Quilt Machine Appliqué: Tracy Jachimowicz "Lessons With Jean"

Best Miniature: Mary Ellen Casey "A Study in Transparency"

Large Quilt Hand Quilting: Arlene Kelly "Welcome Wagon"

Small Quilt Mixed Techniques: Mary Ellen Casey "Autumn in Stafford"

Best Art Quilt: Elaine Ross "Watercolor Orchid"

Small Quilt Hand Quilting: Trudy Kutter "Therapy"

Visual Impact: Christine Hansen "African Sunset"

Visual Impact Second Place: Elaine Ross " Off Kilter"

 Large Quilt Machine Quilting: Melanie Watson "Free Motion Madness"

Small Quilt Machine Quilting: Mary Kozub "I Wanted to Make  a Modern Quilt"

Best Use of Color: Jennifer Grimsley "Victory Garden"

Best Home Decor: Kathi Everett "Mermaid"

Small Quilt Hand Appliqué: Trudy Kutter "Farm Girls Little Sister"

Large Quilt Piecing: Donna Tomski "Magic of Winter"

Best Hand Piecing: Kathy Belluscio "It's Not Queen Size!"

Large Quilt Mixed Technique:  Nancy Bush "Sweet Dreams in Old Lavender"

 Judge's Choice, Alice Donaldson: Nancy Bush "Elephants on Parade"

Judge's Choice John Kubinec: Kathi Everett "Deployment"

 Judge's Choice, Beth Davis: Susan Rutherford "The Loyal Union Sampler"

  Quilt Show Co-Chair, Connie Grimsley: Emmy Hartwick "Sunset at Sea"

 Quilt Show Co-Chair, Anne O'Geen: Ann Renica "A Wedding Trajectory"

Guild President's Choice: Mary Ann Watson "Lustrous Squares"

See more show pictures, including a picture of every quilt in the show here.