Tuesday, August 18, 2009

~August Meeting 2009~Pictures!

Show n' Tell is certainly a favorite part of every meeting. I must apologize now for not knowing everyone and who's quilt is who's! I hope to set up a better recording system while I take the pictures at the meetings. Maybe our Secretary Eula would assist me?
- This one is by Marcia Muskopf

The last of Cheryl Doody's Missouri quilts ( at least I think it was Missouri)

Very cool Dragonfly and check out the quilting.- also by Marcia Muskopf

Donna Tomski had help from her grandchildren making this quilt for her daughter, their mom. Each child made drawings for mom and Donna made it into this treasured gift.

Who made this quilt? Help me out! It is so colorful and it was for Community Service. Nice.

I know who made these! Cheryl Doodie made them for Community Service also. They have dog & cat fabrics in them.

Melanie's aunt or if you prefer, Maryanne's sister, made this patriotic quilt. I think she said it was for the VA (this is why I need a Secretary!)

More of Ann Renica's mission to use up her scraps

Thank you Alex & Melanie for volunteering to help show and tell!
Program for this month: Barb Sackel~Pattern Designer; Fabric Designer; Author & Teacher

I believe she said the quilt above will be the cover of one of her books coming out soon!

Stunning quilt. Many pieces. The circles were appliqued.

Barb ran classes for this quilt at Betty's Quilt shop. Lots of techniques to learn while completing a beautiful quilt.

Barb was a gracious speaker and shared her quilt journey. She had numerous patterns marketed by Quiltwoman.com and 2 books coming out very soon. AccuquiltGo! also has her busy designing quilts for their new system. This Fall a 19 pattern fabric collection designed by Barb will be coming out too! Talented woman. For more pictures of her show go here!
Thank you girls for assisting Barb on that rather steamy stage!


Dodie said...

The 1st quilt (the purple iris) and the 3rd quilt (the dragonfly) were made by Marcia Muskopf.


Martha in NY said...

Nice work, Kathi! Pardon my bony knees! :-)