Monday, October 5, 2009

September's Show 'n Tell~Pat Pauly Lecture

Pat Pauly was our exuberant speaker! We had our first Powerpoint presentation and after much ado we managed to get things going! It was an informative lecture and we thank her.

These are some of the actual quilts she showed us. Excellent show indeed!
~~SHOW 'N TELL time..

Here is our September show 'n tell. Always a highlight of our meetings. Marylee's portrait quilt of her and her siblings.

Kathi Everett's Caren Betlinksi class piece.
Martha'a finished piece!

AND Connie's remade piece. She had ironed fusible to the top of her class quilt by accident at the end of our day but went home to start again and it looks great.

Kathy Belluscio made the Christmas quilt above.

Jackie Stifl shared her RR quilt, far left. WOW!

2 log cabin quilts made by Junamae.

These 3 quilts were made by Kim Sherman. I really love that cat quilt!

It's always nice to see what everyone is working on. We encourage you to bring something to share, big or small. Introducing each other to different things is what motivates us! So don't be shy!

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