Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July Meeting: Brown Bag Reveal and Picnic!

The summer picnic is always a great meeting because we get to sample some of everyone's excellent cooking!  If you go away hungry, it's your own fault!  (personally I can never eat dinner later in the day because I'm still full!)
This July we had a special treat to enjoy as the Brown Bag challenge projects were revealed!  In the bag this time were:
A piece of black and gold print fabric
A piece of a suede clothe type fabric
a wine cork
a length of gold cord
a tassel
some metal washers
a bit of ribbon with beads attached
a piece of chocolate (the wrapper was for the project if desired.)
A dryer sheet
a coffee filter
2 mini clothespins 
Except for the fabrics, you could choose to leave out 2 items
Two clues to help with the process. 
#1 Use an unusual fabric
#2 Add a straight line.
Here is what the members who answered the challenge accomplished!

Kathi Everett, made by hand

Elaine Ross made a little bag- front

Elaine Ross back of bag

Gloria Crittenden

Cynda Watroba

Tracy Jachimowicz used a piece of fabric she painted in a class

Mary Ellen Casey's grand daughter wants this one!

Lori Anderson

Bethany Anderson, inspired by "The Hunger Games"
Mary Ann Watson, who vowed (again) never to do this!

Melanie Watson made a cover for the Community Service book

Alex Hammon made a sash for her childhood friend
 Then we had a second roud of oohs and ahhs for the "regular" Show and Tell items!

Melanie finished the reversible jacket she was working on at retreat in February

Martha Lorshbaugh finished her thread painted piece from the class in May

Martha also finished this scrap quilt with some "dream feathers"

Lori Anderson doesn't think she'll have this round robin finished anytime soon.  The piece was embellished by members of the Art C Girlz

Some of the pieces Lori dyed in the class in June

More of Lori's dyed fabrics

Donna Tomski couldn't remember the name of this pattern.  I can't either- can you?
Donna was working on this at retreat too.

Ann Rupert had a whole bag of goodies, including this cute placemat for a friend.

Ann finished this quilt with some bits she got at a sale.  
In August we'll be treated to some demos by members.  Something for everyone!

Have you registered your quilts for the quilt show yet?  The online form is ready- quick and easy!

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