Friday, November 1, 2013

October meeting with Wendy Butler Berns

 October was national speaker month at the Museum Quilt Guild.  We were thrilled to have Wendy Butler Berns come for three days.  Many of us enjoyed one or both of the classes she offered.  But all who attended our regular meeting were treated to a wonderful lecture about the stories behind our quilts, and a great assortment of Wendy's pictorial quilts.

 Some of Wendy's smaller quilts with patterns available.

A group shot of the Friday "Out on a Limb" class at the end of the day.

Our Show and Tell was, as always, worth the price of admission.

Kathi Everett worked with Julie Brandon to print this image she used as a mandala for a group project the ArtCGirlz did in September.
One of Kathi's pieces for a lapidary show RAFA is planning

Kathi found a stone that looked like a brain for this piece, also for the lapidary show.

Nancy Ellers

Nancy has always wanted to do a flannel quilt

Nancy made a bunch of these fabric boxes, which everyone wants to try! (the link is in the newsletter)

And last but not least, some bibs

Melanie Watson's reversible apron
Ann Renica's scrap quilts just keep on coming! (we love 'em!)

So simple, but so beautiful!

Lorraine West sent in this string quilt for community service

Dodie Morrison's row robin

Julie Brandon made a little Halloween quilt

Julie made this for a birthday celebration
Lori Anderson showing hers (right) and Beth's

 The ArtCGirlz made paper mosaic collage self portraits at their October meeting.
Martha Lorshbaugh

Mary Ellen Casey

Emmy Hartwick

Bethany Anderson

Lori again

Mary Ellen Casey vows never again to do a "seven sisters" quilt

Testing a leaf pounding method, Mary Ellen also used some hand dyed fabrics to create this runner

Martha unveiled the 2014 raffle quilt
Martha also finished her George Siciliano piece, which she calls "Mystic Thistle" (and look, it matches her shirt)

Bethany Anderson with her latest embroidered piece using patterns found online

Beth also made a gang of fleece dolls- each cuter than the last!

Tracy Jachimowicz- made as a wedding gift

Debbie Kenney, at Mt Pleasant, does amazing quilting!

We'll be back at the VA for the November 16 meeting.  Join us! (9:30 am.)  Guests always welcome!

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Emmy Hartwick said...

Thank you to Kathi and Martha for posting to the Museum Quilt Guild blog. Even though I was at the meeting, I always enjoy seeing everything again . . . and again! I love being part of this diverse, fun and supportive group!