Sunday, March 23, 2014

Community Service Day

Martha and Kathi were in Lancaster to see Kathi's "Ice Crystals" quilt in the AQS show on the day of the April mmeeting.  Sadly, no arrangements were made to get pictures of show and tell.  But Melanie and Alex sent us some pictures from the work session after the meeting.  It looks like everyone had a nice time- and worked on lots of quilts!
If anyone wants to send in pictures of their completed projects, we'd be happy to add them to the blog!

Kate Martin, Ann Renica, Dodie Morrison, Christine Hanson and Dorothea Prine tying a quilt.
This looks like an old time sewing circle, doesn't it?   I can't help wondering of Dorothea brought bunnies again. 

Eula looks like she's picking up pointers from Vinnie  and Connie.

Pat Gardner, Donna Tomski and Terry McGuire hard at work

This quilt top was  made by Carol McNally with her own fabric at the Jelly Roll Race in August.  Melanie embroidered the words "American Hero" on it and did the quilting.  Nancy Ellers added the binding Saturday and Mary Anne added the label on the back on Saturday.  It was handed off to Kate Martin for the end days unit at the VA Hospital.  It's a good example of many hands working together.

Here is a great view of the whole group enjoying their time together.

Angie Vallett and Nancy Schrader look like they' had a good time!

I was sad to miss this meeting, since it is always a fun afternoon, with everyone putting their energy into helping others- while enjoying friends and  the "hobby"* we love best.
(* We all know it's more than a hobby!)

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