Monday, March 6, 2017

2017 Retreat

For a few days every year, Twenty-five or so members of the guild move in to the Asbury Retreat Center to enjoy several days of camaraderie and sewing.  From Feb 23 - 26 this year, a lot of sewing was done, a lot of laughs were had and a lot of chocolate was eaten.

It's always enjoyable to have the lake in sight while we sew and especially at meal times.

On Saturday, the day began cool and grey, looking like a perfect day to stay inside and sew.

But it got up to 70 degrees and a group of us happily walked around the neighborhood in our shirtsleeves!

The ice on the lake was completely gone by the end of the day.

 The walkers the next day had a slightly different experience.

And on Sunday it was winter again.

The sap on this tree froze sticking out like a tongue in the wind we had overnight.

 Inside there was always a bustle of activity and the hum of sewing machines.

Whenever I need a break, I walk around and see what everyone else is doing.
Some people wonder if I don't have better things to do.  :-)

On Saturday, we celebrated Melanie's recent marriage by giving her log cabin blocks we all made.

Melanie already has a plan....
Many lovely projects came out of the weekend.....

Martha Lorshbaugh

Nancy Ellers

Kathy Belluscio

Jennifer Grimsley

Melanie's little cell phone bag is finally finished!

Connie Grimsley

Pat Gardner, Shirley Lapp and Nancy Ellers

Kathy Belluscio

Susie Spicer

Shirley Lapp ( I never saw it after she got it pieced)

Alex made an old block into a pillow

Both sides are pretty!

Mary Ellen Ames couldn't decide which way this looked best.

Martha Lorshbaugh

Alex made a family of mice fr her kitty to play with

Connie isn't finished, but she got a good start.

Sue Privatera got the blocks finished!

Maureen finally finished her t-shirt quilt

This one is for Tracy's husband

And this is for her daughter

Kathi Everett had a productive weekend!  This is a very old one

Kathi did some random piecing

Very cheery cheddar stars

Another oldie from Kathi

Jeri Williams is really good at making Seminole strips

Christine Hansen making progress

Donna Tomski made pillowcases to donate

Eula got a lot of blocks pieced

Susan Rathbun

Kathy Belluscio

Melanie is making pillow shams to go with the quilt she made a few years ago
I am really looking forward to show and tell for the next few months- how about you?

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