Saturday, September 5, 2020

Meeting Virtually

 The Guild held its first Virtual meeting on August 15.  It was a small group, but it was Oh, so wonderful to see faces and laugh together after such a long time!  Sadly, I have no way to share the items shown during the meeting.  I have later discovered I can take screen shots during the meeting, so may try that next time.  I hope more of you will join us on September 19.  There will be another practice session on Sept 17 if you are unsure how Zoom works.  Check your email for meeting links and details.  

Meanwhile, a few photos trickle in every month to be shared here. 

Ann Renica sent in the first one.

This picture is of my daughter, Lynn’s Wedding quilt.  It's a king-sized quilt that I finally finished and presented to her and her husband, Ray on their 7th anniversary.  It's made of batik fabric.  I did the quilting myself on my Janome in 2 pieces and then connected them.

Kathy Belluscio sent in these two photos.

Modern Birch Trees finished for a great nephew.

Below is a scrap quilt - top only, for my son’s new camper. Will use some stripped material to create the backing. Trying to sew down my stash, long way to go. Also been knitting, completed two sweaters for my great-great niece. Now hats & mittens for the Christmas season.

I'd love to see more, and I'm sure the rest of the group would as well.  

In the meantime, I think of you all often and am so looking forward to all the hugs and show and tell we'll have at our first in person meeting.... someday.  (sigh)


Hooray- there's more!

Kathleen Robinson sent in this one, with this note:

  These are 6 of the socks I knitted, 3 went too new homes, the 10th un finished is last. First socks I knitted when I was 12 yrs old. 2nd, the short blue ones, the end of April at 83. Has helped my sanity in this very troubled times. Non existent socialization has been the worst. Thanks for keeping in touch. Have 5 more skeins in my stash.


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