Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Timna Tarr's Virtual Visit

 Timna Tarr was to have been our national teacher later this year.  Sadly, the decision was made to avoid any issues due to the continuing pandemic, and invite her to do a virtual presentation.  It was amazing!  She is an excellent story teller with a great sense of humor! I was sitting all alone laughing out loud, feeling sad she wasn't able to hear how much I was enjoying her! (Personally, I'm hoping we can book her for October of 2023!)

Disclaimer: Photos were taken as screenshots during the presentation, and are used with her permission

Her presentation is titled Before and After: Repeating patterns.  It refers to the fact that she has found in older quilts and patterns inspiration for modern versions; often working in a series so she can explore variations on the themes.

Timna's early inspiration was her grandmother, who made quilts for everyone.  This quilt was the one Timna used as a child.
Timna's ow first quilt didn't impress her, but she did enjoy the process enough to keep going.

Using this bow tie quilt made by her grandmother as inspiration, Timna played with the block....







 ...and found joy in playing with the color placement.

The circles inspired her to create a series of appliquéd circle quilts.

(This is what happens when you fussy cut faces from a fabric.  She says she'll use the rest somehow)

She said covid stole her creativity (boy, can I identify with that!) So she just sewed- making string pieced blocks.  The first one reflects the colors she enjoyed on a trip to the Bahamas before the lockdowns. 

This picture (of a niece?) inspired her to try her hand a making a portrait.  She calls her technique "Stitched Mosaics"

Isn't her work awesome?!

I believe the circle technique and the stitched mosaics were to have been the offerings in October.  The good news is they are available as prerecorded classes here!

Next month will be the third- and final- virtual presentation in our Spring Speaker series.  If you haven't joined us yet, please do! It's not as hard as you think, and is well worth the effort!

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

April Monthly Mini

 ‘Monthly Minis’ - each month we are providing a link to a free “mini” project for you to try.  These will be projects that you can most likely complete in a few hours or less of sewing.   

This month’s mini is a fabric basket, that you can use in your sewing room, your office, a kid’s room, or wherever you need to corral things. It’s cute and very easy to make!  

(editor's note- it's not cute, it's adorable, and I hope I can find time to make one- or five!!) 


Saturday, March 20, 2021

A Visit from Sue Sherman

 The March meeting felt like a bit of old times, as we were able to enjoy a talented speaker!  It was so good to see so many of you join in for this meeting.

 Sue Sherman showed us her journey as an artist with her presentation: Quilting Journey of a Renaissance Woman.  Sue worked an engineer and said she thought that's why all this creative energy was stored up inside her. 

Sue's love of quilting  grew while she lived on Hawaii- taking many classes.  She grew confident enough to design her first quilt when she retired and became a full-time quilter, and it was juried into 2 national quilt shows!

Since then, Sue has had several other quilts juried into Quilt Canada, various AQS shows and the IQA Houston show, where she has won awards for her workmanship.  Her love of travel nd wildlife has brought her the most  inspiration and success.  Her quilt, Huddle, not only won awards, but led to her first line of fabric from Northcott, called Magdalena.

Sue has many patterns and kits available at her etsy shop.  If you visit her website, be sure to check out her youtube videos!  Thank you, Sue, for sharing your story with us!

In April, the quilt will welcome Timna Tarr as our virtual speaker.  

We also enjoyed our regular members show and tell.

Terry McGuire made this Bonnie Hunter quilt as a gift for her daughter.

                                               Sue Chiddy made a few of the Monthly minis!

Elaine Lemley used her "Learning Curve" ruler to make the scalloped border around this panel.

Nancy Schrader couldn't remember if she had showed this before- made as a gift to herself for a change.

                                With the scraps, Nancy made a runner to give her cousin.


Sue Privatera made the other monthly mini mat, saying the paper piecing wasn't too hard on this one!

Jennifer Grimsley made some of the bunny bags to send to family with treats inside.  

Jenny's bunny mat needs eyes, but she didn't want the buttons to make it unusable as a mug mat.  

This stitchery was designed by Rebecca Ringquist- one of a series of "dropcloth samplers".

Val Schultz made this as a mystery quilt. It was designed by Gyleen Fitzgerald, Ebony Love and Latifah Saafir.  The piecing was challenging, but Val enjoyed it enough that she will probably do another mystery with them next time.


Connie made these shopping bags to test the pattern for bags to be donated to the Salvation Army.  This pattern is now posted on the guild's website, on the community service tab. 

Martha Lorshbaugh altered a panel, which was a little too pink for a baby boy, to make this quilt to welcome a new step great-grandson who will arrive very soon. 

As always, I hope to receive more pictures to share with you, so check back!

Monday, March 1, 2021

March Monthly Mini

 Monthly Minis’ - each month we are providing a link to a free “mini” project for you to try.  These will be projects that you can most likely complete in a few hours or less of sewing.  

This month we have two “bunny” minis. 

The first is a paper pieced bunny block, that comes in 6”, 8” and 10” sizes.  You can do whatever you’d like with the bunny block - maybe a bunny pillow for a grandchild, or a bunny mug rug for yourself. 


The second project is a little bunny drawstring bag, which you can use to hide a few Easter treats!

Please share with us if you make ay of the Monthly Minis!

Saturday, February 27, 2021

In February we looked at UFOs and Community Service needs YOU!

 I won't name any names, but there are- unbelievably!- some quilters who don't have UFOs.  For the rest of us the February program was a chance to dig in the back of the closet and revisit some of those projects we lost interest in, got stuck on, or just plain didn't like enough to finish.  This isn't all of the ones shared at the meeting.  Maybe by sharing them, we can motivate each other to finish some of them?

Tracy couldn't attend, so included a description of her project.

Carol McNally said this is a well travelled UFO, as she started it in a class with Anita Shackelford on a Caribbean cruise. 

Jennifer Grimsley started this Baltimore album, she guesses, pre-2000, in a series of classes.  One of her rose buds has gone missing, but she recently found the same red fabric still in her stash.

Dodie Morrison had started to hand quilt this bed sized quilt.  The trees are made with rectangles that get folded in, so the tree edges are loose.  She said it needs something, but she isn't sure what.  

Sue Privatera said this is her only UFO, and it's only a year old- which several members said makes it a work in progress!

Connie  said this is more than 20 years old and she is no longer in finishing the appliqué.  

Elaine thought this looked a bit like work by Timna Tarr- one of our upcoming speakers.  It's all batiks.  Shes not sure if or when it will make it back to being an active project.

Connie created a fun poll for us to answer. How many UFOs do we have?  How old are they?  Have we ever given one away for someone else to finish?  Have we ever thrown on away?  

How do YOU answer those questions?

You can see the Show and Tell from the meeting here

The stories aren't included, so here are some notes to go with the slide show, which should open in a different window.  Many of the items are Community Service quilts recently quilted by Val Schultz.  Here's the "Help Wanted" part:

A special thank you to Val Schultz for piecing the backings and machine quilting TWELVE quilts for us on her long arm. They turned out beautifully!  Now we need volunteers to bind these quilts. We prefer that they be bound by machine stitching the binding on the front and hand stitching the binding down on the back. If you want to volunteer to do one or both of these steps, please let Connie or Vinnie know, and we can arrange to get you a quilt to work on. Thanks!  

 Elaine Lemley's show and tell included:

A pheasant panel she added to while working with some of our other members at the January community service work day via zoom 

An Eagle center surrounded by stars for a friend who is retiring from the Marines.

A red and white quilt made with donated fabric, which will be a donation quilt.

Kathy Belluscio's show and tell was made for a fmily member.  Shes making it bigger as he is very tall.

Val Schultz showed a mystery quilt by Claudia Pfeil 

Connie showed a couple of the small quilts she is making for her students.  Several of them have pillows from when Connie taught Kindergarten and now has them again for 4th grade.

If anyone else wants to share a picture, I'll add to this post. 


Monday, February 1, 2021

February/ March Monthly Mini


 ‘Monthly Minis’ - each month we are providing a link to a free “mini” project for you to try.  These will be projects that you can most likely complete in a few hours or less of sewing.  This month’s mini is a cute herringbone pincushion. You can use up some of your scraps to make one.    You can find the pattern here:


If you make one, please send in a picture we can share with other members! 

Friday, January 29, 2021

February Stories

 I've come to really look forward to the emails I receive with pictures and stories to share!

Nancy Schrader sent these pictures, and here is the story that goes with them...

I just finished the binding over the weekend.  I started piecing during my treatments making something for me to keep as I usually gift most of my items.

Named so far, "Waves of Happiness".  Subject to change, the label isn't attached yet.


Melanie Tubinis seemed to feel bad she didn't having a quilt to share, but I don't think anyone will complain about this one.

This is Lily and Cosette, our newest family members. They are Brittany Spaniels.  I know they're not quilting related, but I mentioned them in the note I sent to Alex for the newsletter. 

This is also from Melanie.

This is a Christmas gift I received that I know all quilters will appreciate! 

Mary Ellen Casey Sent these two pictures of quilts made with a pattern called "Plaidish".  (Tutorial by Kitchen Table Quilting here.)

The blue is just “Blue Paid” ; the green one is “Sunlight in the Forest”.



Keep checking back for more pictures!