Monday, August 20, 2018

Counting down to show time

August 17, the day of our meeting, was the last day to register quilts for the show in October.  As of meeting time, Alex announced registrations were down.  I think we were all feeling sorry for her, knowing how many she would be getting before midnite!  (at least we hope she got a lot!)

  Before I get to the pictures, I must apologize for the fact that I forgot my camera this month and had to use my phone.  It's takes pretty good pictures, but not as good as my "real" camera!

Every month we get a sort of preview of the quilt show, though!  This month, there was a sort of a bonus.  Mary Kozub is a great cheerleader for the challenge, and tries to keep us motivated and inspired.  So this month, she invited members to show "flora" theme quilts.  This is a sample of what was shown.  (Next month is the "fauna" part of the challenge- bring yours to share!)

Mary made this as her entry in the best blooms challenge from several years ago

Nancy Ellers made this in a class.

Nancy uses this on her door in spring

Martha made this in a class with Jane Sassaman (this is an old picture)
 Eula Serrino led the transition from "Flora and Fauna" to the regular show and tell.  These crazy quilted gems were found in a trunk, made by a family member I think. 

I'm really sorry about this picture- this piece is lovely!)

This one will be in the silent auction

This one is Eula's favorite.

Nancy Ellers made this for the St Mary's quilt ministry

 I think these two will go to the Lipson center.  The Hunter's star is made with squares and half square triangles, rather than the traditional way. 

 Nancy Wise made this for her grandson, using her embroidery machine.  She hopes he can learn all the nursery rhymes she taught her son. 

Gloria Crittenden made this moon journey quilt, showing the moon over the mountains

Ann Renica made a weighted quilt for her grandson.  It has 6 lbs of poly pellets!

Ann also finally finished this quilt for her daughter's wedding, only 9 years after they got married!

Mary Kozub's "One Block it's a Wonder I got it Finished!"

Snday Shufelt took a curved log cabin class and is very pleased with the result.

Cathy Judkins showed some sweet embroidered gifts for a new baby in her life, but none of the pictures were worth sharing.  Sorry, Cathy!

In September, the Flea Market is Back!  Is your sewing room overflowing?  Pack it up and bring it to the September meeting so your friends can help you out- and take it home to their own sewing rooms!!