Wednesday, November 22, 2017

In November When it Turns Chilly...

There was a little bit of snow on the ground the morning of the November meeting. To quilters, snow means the beginning of quilting season!  (what else do people do in the winter?)

Hopefully show and tell inspires everyone to work on their own projects!

Nancy Ellers will donate this to the Lipson Cancer Center

Nancy made these two for the St Mary's quilt ministry

Nancy made these for the "Little Hats for Big Hearts" event in February.

Nancy made several of these chicken pot holders

Nancy made this as a gift for a fellow guild member's family  member who is battling cancer

Sincerest apologies to Mary Ellen, and to all of you who didn't get to see these up close!  Mary Ellen made these houses as part of the "Global Murmurs" exhibit.  They are really special and very well done!  I hope she will show them next year!

 Mary Ellen's quilt representing her granddaughter was also part of the Global Murmurs exhibit

Mary Ellen bought the cyanotype fabric from Elaine Ross and went right home to put it into a table runner.

Mary Ellen's snow scene was part of the gem show with RAFA  (I wish you could see how it sparkles!)

Carol (sorry I missed her last name)

Carol made this from blocks  family members signed, then she embroidered.

Lori Anderson made a bunch of pumpkin pincusions

Lori's star ornament

Lori made gifts for some of her fellow bigfoot hunters

A table runner Lori will give as a hostess gift.

A panel Lori found online to be a gift for her daughter

Nancy Schrader is enjoying making these seasonal door quilts

Connie Grimsley and her sister visit a Ben  Franklin store in (South Dakota?  Nebraska?) when they visit family. The store does an annual challenge, in which Connie entered  this small quilt.  Ig won an honorable mention in the piecing category.

I'm very sorry- I had a "senior moment" when I went to each demo station and I didn't get pictures.  The demos were all well prepared and interesting!  If you ask them, I bet they'd share with you:
Lorraine West made scrappy  strip-pieced leaves
Mary Ellen Casey showed how to make ornaments using a circle attachment.
Nancy Ellers shared a curved piecing technique for an apple core quilt
Shirley Lapp showed how to make a portable design surface.

Mary Kozub reminded us that time is running short to make your entry in the "Naughty or Nice" challenge- due at the January meeting.  Surely this time of year there is plenty of inspiration for naughty and/or nice!  
Remember challenge rules:
Quilts can be no larger than 180" circumference.
Quilts must have been made for this challenge.
Up to 2 entries per person.
Home dec and apparel welcome!

Quilts will hang in the Richmond Memorial Library in February.

Next month is the annual Christmas party.  You will all need a dish to pass and your own table service.  Remember to think brunch when you choose your dish to pass, and please bring a list of ingredients to put with your dish.