Monday, June 17, 2013

June highlights

 There was a lot to love at the June meeting!!

Kathi started off show and tell with her second place winning piece from the Iron Quilter competition at the Genesee Valley Quilt Club show.  The theme was "A Disappearing Act"  Kathi's piece is titled, "I know why the Uncaged Bird Sings"
 Kathi won a ribbon in the wearable art category for this bag.

Kathi also shared her exciting news that this piece was accepted into the Houston quilt festival in a special exhibit called "It's raining cats and dogs"

Chris Kuehl made this piece after reading Carol Ann Waugh's book.  The background is a piece of Mary Kozub's ice dyed fabric.

Mary Ellen Casey made this design wall (Plain white flannel on the reverse side) for her guest room.  This side matches the quilt on the guest bed.

Sue Privatera made this bag with some "wonder" fabric!

Donna Tomski made this from  Block of the month

Carol McNally's "Bow tux" bag

Carol also made this owl quilt.

One of 13 pillows Connie Grimsley made for her students

Connie is making these little wall hanging for her classroom aides.

Mary Anne Made the smaller version of the Bailey Island Hobo Bag

Ann Renica's Finished collage from the Sharon Bottle Souva class

More sweet scrap quilts using Ann's favorite block.

Ann also did some Jelly Roll race variations

Linda Prouty was given this quilt by a family member
No one knows who made it but they do know it is older than 1896.

Florence Burke made wall hangings for the nursing home

Florence Burke

Elaine's piece from the Ann Brauer workshop at ArtCGirlz

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Elaine Ross also participated in the Iron Quilter competition.   (apologies Elaine, I missed the title of this piece both times!)

Elaine finished her portrait from Last month's class.  It is a gift for a friend.

"Then the Crocus", by Elaine Ross

This piece also won an award in the art quilt category at the Genesee Valley Quilt Show

"L'Autumne", Elaine's entry into the Nature Behind Bars challenge at RAFA

Elainemade this quilt as a result of a workshop with Julie Brandon and Val Schultz. 

Guest speaker Peg Oppenheimer showed many ways to use the "Square in a square" ruler and books.

After the meeting Marija Vujcic taught her fun and easy "Cheater Bargello" technique to those who stayed for the class.

Kathi models her fabric for the class

Marija shares the technique- and her stash!
Ann Renica's layout- half tubes

Mary's layout- using a fabric she dyed yesterday!

Connie Grimsley's layout with accent fabric

Kate Martin's layout with accent fabric

Tracy Jachimowicz's partial layout.

I can't wait to see them all finished- how about you?
The July picnic will be held at the Hillside Inn, in Wyoming, NY- due to a conflict at the VA.    Bring a dish to pass and table setting, as always.  Check your newsletter for details!

Friday, June 7, 2013

May show and tell and trunk show

Connie Grimsley made this for Community Service
 We had another great meeting in May!!!
It started with a nice show and tell by members and ended with an inspiring trunk show from member Irene Bow!

Connie has also learned to do needlepunch

Val Schultz made this digitally manipulated photo art quilt

Sue Privatera also made a nice quilt for Community Service

Pat Gardner (turquoise) and Shirley Lapp (greens) made these "going buggy" quilts.

Pat also finished her landscape quilt

The girls in back couldn't see it! 

Mary Kozub finished her Ann Brauer piece

Lorraine West made a pretty new bag

Lorraine also made this jelly roll quilt for Community Service
Mary Lu Hodgins, just returned from her winter sailing trip, told us about some batiks she had donated for the raffle.  She visited this small shop where they sold the batiks and was offered a tour.  She said they took her out back where all the fabrics were hanging on clothes lines to dry.  She felt like she was in Heaven!  Too bad she had forgotten her camera. But the story was till fun.  And a lucky guild member now has the fabrics to play with.

Irene wowed us last year at the quilt show, so we were all thrilled to get to enjoy more of her work.  She sat right on the stage and told a little story about each piece as it was shown.  I think we all agreed it was one of the more fantastic trunk shows we've seen! 

In June we will get a lesson on the "square in a square" rulers and some quilts we can make with it.
Marija Vijcic will also be returning to teach her "cheater bargello" class.  Check your newsletter for details!