Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Pardon the Interruption!

The April guild meeting is one the members in attendance won't soon forget as we had to evacuate during the presentation!  I never heard what happened, but apparently there was something in the other building that set off the alarm.  (And WHY didn't I think to take pictures of us all standing outside??)  The emergency didn't take away at all from how much we enjoyed the meeting and trunk show.

April Show and Tell

 Eula Serrino made this string quilt to be auctioned at her family's upcoming reunion.

 Mary Kozub made this cute little bag. I missed the name of the pattern.

 Eileen Sorochty picked the pattern for this very cute little quilt up off the free table.

 Eileen tried English paper piecing to make a couple of the blocks for the raffle quilt. 

 Eileen finished this community service quilt after last month's meeting.

 Donna Sofokles made these in an effort to reduce her stash (It didn't).  They  will be donated to Quilts for Kids.

Donna Sofokles

Donna Sofokles

 I always try to thank the volunteers who hold the quilts on stage.  This month, it's Bonnie and Sue - I'm sure they weren't posing, but this picture was too cute to crop .  I think this is the front (or back?) of the quilt below.
 Susie Spicer found another cast away project she could finish. 

 Apologies to mary Ellen Casey for the poor picture.  This was made using a picture taken out her window, in a workshop Lori Anderson led at the ArtCGirlz meeting on landscapes.

 Mary Ann Watson made this as a gift for a grandniece. 

 Jennifer Grimsley is finishing old projects.  This will be a donation.

 Jenny decided she heeded a sewing caddy for her chair in her living room.

 Jenny tried a technique called "biscornu" to make this pincushion.

 Elaine Ross isn't sleeping well, and says this is what she does instead. 

 Elaine makes a quilt for her youngest granddaughter every time she visits from Kansas!

 Donna Tomski is making a collection of baby quilts for her family.  The log cabin blocks in this are 4 inches!
 Elaine Lemley made this Communty Service quilt after last month's meeting.

 Elaine made this as a gift as a gift for a family member who produces maple syrup.

 Laurie Kilbury-Taylor is practicing on her longarm machine.  With a beautiful Hoffman panel....

 ..and some Community Service quilts. (above and below)

 Connie showed this last one, also quilted by Laurie.

Jenny laid out some of the blocks returned to her for the raffle quilt  so we could get a preview of how beautiful it will be!

 We enjoyed a trunk show of award winning and inspiring quilts by Karen Seink- with the "intermission" of the fire alarm.
Karen does amazing landscapes and floral quilts, using techniques she has refined over the more than 30 years she has been quilting. 
I apologize for not getting the names of the pieces here. 

Grain towers, where both her father and grandfather had worked.

 Inspired by a photo her husband took in Idaho.

 Karen took an online class with Melinda Bula, where she learned to make the backs as pretty as the fronts!

Several members took advantage of the class offerred by Karen after the meeting.  I'm sure we'll be seeing some nice landscapes from our own members soon!

Next month we'll learn about ruler work on domestic sewing machines, with Marie of the former Marie's Sewing Center.  (I missed what the new name is)

REMINDER!!!!   Mary will need our challenge quilts at the June meeting since our display at the Richmond Library will be in July this year.  If you lost your challenge form, you can find it here!