Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Scrappy and Beautiful!

 In April, we enjoyed a wonderful trunk show from Charlotte Hawkes More from here later in the post.  

As always, I enjoyed the member show and tell- it always makes me want to go home and hide in the sewing room! This month I had a date with my favorite 5 year old, so no sewing for me.  Here he is showing off his new quilt, inspired by the book, The Little Ghost Who was a Quilt . The face he drew doesn't match the book, but it suits Everett!


New member Eileen Mason did her first show and tell...

These first few are from the beginner's class series

And a very pretty table runner.  She made two of these and gave one away.

Next up, Liz Scott was happy to show off some UFOs that are now Finished Objects!

Pat Gardner finished this Stained glass quilt, which was quilted by Shirley Lapp

Katy Beluscio pieced this beautiful scrappy quilt at retreat.  It is one of 25 she is hoping to make for a church camp!

Mary Lowe has been working on this awesome Alice in Wonderland themed quilt for a while.  It started with the fabric line, called "Curioser and Curioser", and uses several different patterns.

Nancy Mitchell finished these table runners soon after her first retreat.

Nancy's niece (?) wanted a quilt for her baby that "looked like a rainbow threw up".    

Connie pieced quite a few quilt tops during the "quiet days" of 2020.  She is now finishing some of them.  
The Community service crew recently acquired a shape cutter, and had many tumblers cut at the work day in February.  Connie played with some of them to make these little quilts.

This was made by piecing random scraps together to make fabric and then cutting it into squares.  It's waiting for when Connie needs a baby gift.  

Jen Grimsley made this runner using some sashiko squares (below)

The seashell panel in the center was also a sashiko piece Jen stitched.

Jenn made this for the Plank Road Quilt Guild challenge.

Jen was inspired to make this after the session we did with Timna Tarr via zoom several years ago.  

Agnes LaPorte shared this sampler- from the first quilting classes she ever took, 30 years ago.  It was done all by hand, using templates- no rotary cutters, and was finished by hand as well last year.  

Martha Lorshbaugh made this scrappy quilt as a Community Service donation using the fabrics from the "Ugly Fabric Game" we did at a meeting in January 2023

Our guest speaker, Charotte Hawkes confessed she was never really interested in quilting until her family was cleaning out an aunt's house and they were going to toss a whole box of quilt blocks.  She decided to finish it in remembrance, and this first quilt is the result.  It was done entirely by hand. 

                                      After that first one, she was apparently hooked. 

 She began designing her own quilts- this is a pattern she sells on her etsy shop (Link on her website)

                                     This one is called "Scrapitude", but I didn't get all the names.

Charlotte does mysteries on her facebook group, I believe.  Check her out!!

Join us in June when we're hosting Claudia from The Quilter's Daughter.