Monday, December 16, 2013

Dashing through the snow!

 Oh, the weather outside was frightful, but we western New Yorkers are an intrepid bunch.  Besides, nothing stops a quilter from enjoying her quilty activities!

Show and tell began with Kathi Everett showing the quilt (not quite finished) made with blocks given to her during her son, Michael's, deployment by members of the ArtCGirlz.

Kathi is making this- using recycled wool fabrics, of course-  as a thank you gift for the hostess at Thanksgiving.

Elaine made this little purse for the season.

This is Mary Ellen's piece from a round robin done with members of her church quilt ministry. You can't see the shimmers in the center silver fabric.

Shirley Lapp made some runners using the strip piecing technique she shared last month

Kathy Belluscio made a bunch of stocking using scraps she got from fellow guild members.

Nancy Ellers has been busy again...

Potholders to dress up her kitchen

A top made for community service

Nancy's brother has wine every day at four o'clock.

Most of the members also know someone like that, right?

 And the cutest little gingerbread people for the kids!

Lori finally remembered to bring her mandala- part of the ArtCGirlz challenge- from her office.  The center is made from a picture of trees Lori played with in her kaleidoscope maker program.

Carolyn Kurek made a pillow using texture magic in the center panel.

Martha Lorshbaugh wasn't standing still long enough for Kathi to get a good picture of the Penny Marble Christmas blossoms ornaments she made.

Melanie Watson is making quilts for "everyone" in her boyfriend's family.

This one is for his mom.

These two are for his daughters.  

Mary Ann is showing the quilt Cheryl Doody made using a panel.

Barb Brady points out some of the detail work in her cardinal quilt, made from a Joan Shay pattern

Barb's granddaughter is making- with lots of help!- casserole covers for friends.

Chris Kuehl is making one of these sweet little hats for each of her grandchildren.

A matching pillow from scraps of her new grand daughter's quilt.

Chris was very touched that before Mary Lu Hodgins left to go sailing, she took time to make this quilt for Chris. 

Dodie made a jelly roll race quilt, with some new variations, as a Christmas gift.  The back is corduroy!

New member Bonnie Dedo brought in some of her lovely work to share.
This bench quilt matches the bed quilt the bench sits next to.

This quilt is a gift for her step-daughter.  Don't you love the fabrics?

Matching pillow shams

Bonnie uses up all her scraps! This is a little door stop bag- with rice inside.

Nancy Schraeder made this table runner for her daughter's new house.

After show and tell, nearly everyone formed a circle to play the left and right game and exchange our mug rugs.

... I'm sorry, Mrs Right, Mr Right just left....

We did a quick show and tell of the mug rugs, but  we didn't get pictures, so I snagged a few of the ones shared on facebook as a sampling.

Bethany Anderson made this one.

This one was made by Dodie Morrison

Elaine Ross was trying to forget how cold it is outside when she made hers.

This one was made by Bonnie Dedo. Many of the mug rugs were accompanied by mugs, and chocolate!

There was an OOOH!  when this one, made by Lori Anderson, was shown.

I hope everyone is working on their Challenge quilt- depicting something from the year you were born.  The entry form was in the November newsletter.  You can also get one over at the brand new Museum Quilt Guild website!