Monday, March 26, 2012

March fun and Games!

If you skipped the march meeting, you missed a lot!
In case you haven't attended a meeting in a while, our new president has been doing some audience participation during the business meeting.  Prizes are awarded to those who are paying attention to the goings on in the newsletter and the Guild.   This month featured some trivia about the members who serve on the board.  Do you know the answers?  (questions refer to ALL of the board, not only the elected officials)
Who is the longest tenured board member?
Who are the three current members presently serving in two positions?
(answers at the end of this post)
You also missed out on seeing just how many members of our guild volunteer their time to make all of our guild meetings and events successful if you weren't there.  Thanks for that great demonstration, Elaine!

In spite of the smaller than usual number of members in attendance for this meeting, show and tell was the highlight of the day!  Great, inspiring projects- and helpful hints!
A jelly roll quilt by Tracy Jachimowicz
 Tracy had started the quilting on this piece herself and didn't like it.  So she spent years picking the quilting out and finally has it finished after having it redone at Mt Pleasant!
Tracy also did some "blackwork" embroidery on this sweet little piece.

Chris Kuehl finished this "Inside out" jacket at the retreat last month.

Martha Lorshbaugh made this little quilt on retreat as well.
This is a good reminder to all of us to remember that Kathi is  TRYING to get a picture.  When you hold up a show and tell- hold it STILL for a minute.  :-)
Martha started this "dinner plate dahlia brooch" on retreat.   

Martha made a new bag for her trip to Lancaster- and added the bling later.

Dodie made a little bag out of selvedges!
 Dodie also shared a tip for us!  Have you heard of "Pinmoors"?  you can use them when basting a quilt instead of safety pins.  They are a bit pricey, though.  Dodie found a do-it-yourself alternative!  Cut a sheet of 6mm craft foam into little squares instead!

Guest Carol Bouwens brought some quilts made by her grandmother in the 50's

Carol Bouwens
 Both of these quilts had been badly damaged by mice while in storage, so with the help of a fridn, Carol has been repairing them.

 Carol McNally made this wallet at quilt away.

Karen Frutiger used image transfer and "slopped paint on" this piece for a challenge

Another challenge piece by Karen.  The theme for this one was "Leap Year"

Did you guess the answers to the questions?
Mary Ellen Ames is our longest tenured board member, thanks to her service as our QCNYS (consortium) delegate.
Pat Keller is currently serving as secretary and hospitality co-chair
MaryLu Hodgins is serving as the newsletter editor and quilt show co-chair
Chris Kuehl is serving as QCNYS delegate and quilt show co-chair