Thursday, October 18, 2012


After months of meetings, planning, sewing, reminders, more planning and re-planning, it's finally time for Stitches in Time 2012!  Yesterday was registration day- where everything arrives and the show takes shape.  It's the day we learn how even the best laid plans have to be flexible, but it all turns out in the end!
Step one:  Check in the quilts

The line is much shorter to check in at the Boutique.

The Decor committee's sunflowers look great all piled in one spot!

Kathi and Tracy unpacking for the Silent Auction while MaryLu helps getting the racks together

One last sleeve gets sewn on

Lori Sass and the rack assembly crew do some problem solving

If all else fails check the map.
Making real progress!

A well deserved lunch break

Sorry, ladies, you can't make bids until the show opens Friday!

ChrisKuehl and Kathy Belluscio arranging the miniature quilts
By the end of the day, things were starting to look really good.  Now we can take the time to actually LOOK at the quilts!

DAY TWO - Final preparations

Quilt Show Co-chair, Mary Lu Hodgins, making sure all is secure.

Set-up chair, Lori Sass confirms the location of the quilts with Ann Michaud

Vendors arrive to set up their booths

The Boutique is jam packed with great hand made items!
The lunch area is surrounded by beauty!

The judges confer on their choices.....

The main aisle invites you in for a closer look

A few of the "Stars of the show"  (complete list of award winners below)

Best of Show winner, "Golden Jubilee" by Linda Prouty

Large Quilt Mixed Techniques:" Under the Deep Blue Sea", by Elaine Ross

Quilted Fashion: "Serena Jacket", by Kathi Everett

Landscape quilt: "Negative Growth" by Lori Anderson

Best Paper Pieced quilt, "By George!" by Dodie Morrison

Large Quilt Hand Applique: "Quilting in the Garden", by Tracy Jachimowicz
Large Quilt Piecing: "Jam & Jelly", By Kathi Everett

Thread Art: "Floral Bouquet", by Irene Bow
A photo album of the show is available here- at snapfish.  You do need to login or create an account to see them.  (I haven't found a photo sharing website yet that doesn't require this)

Stitches in Time 2012
Award Winners

Best of ShowGolden Jubilee by Linda Prouty
Large Quilt Piecing – Jam & Jelly by Kathi Everett
Large Quilt Hand Appliqué – Quilting in the Garden by Tracy   
Large Quilt Hand Quilting – Peonies Among the Ginko by Cheryl Doody
Large Quilt Machine Quilting – Hagerstown Feathers by Irene Bow
Large Quilt Mixed Techniques – Under the Deep Blue Sea by Elaine Ross
Small Quilt Piecing – Mini Jo by Jean Butzer
Small Quilt Hand Appliqué – Jo’s Whig Rose by Jean Butzer
Small Quilt Machine Appliqué – Princess Argiope by Martha Lorshbaugh
Small Quilt Hand Quilting – Grape Vine by Florence Burke
Small Quilt Machine Quilting – Papuffany Pi by Martha Lorshbaugh
Small Quilt Mixed Techniques – Tribute to Mom by Jean Butzer
Best Miniature – Autumn Tree by Elaine Ross
Quilted Fashion – Serena Jacket by Kathi Everett
Home Décor – Fairy Princess by Kathi Everett
Most Creative – White Lightning by Mary Ellen Casey
Best Use of Color – Romance and Roses by Mary Ellen Ames
Hand Piecing – 2 Sisters and a Cousin by Carol McNally
Paper-Pieced – By George! by Dodie Morrison
Art Quilt – Yes, the Water Really is This Color! by Elaine Ross
Landscape Quilt – Negative Growth by Lori Anderson
Visual Impact – Spring by Kathi Everett
One of a Kind – The First Ten Years by Nancy Bush
Thread Art – Floral Bouquet by Irene Bow
Portrait – Bernard W. and Esther May Hayward:  Married April 10, 1929
                  by Mary Kozub
Judge’s Choice Beth Davis – Smog by Kathi Everett
Judge’s Choice Linda Davis – Feathered Fantasy by Florence Burke
Judge’s Choice Judy SchryverBaltimore Bunnies by Irene Bow
President’s Award –Winter's Serenity by Chris Kuehl
Show Co-Chairman’s Award –Chris - Faces in the Storm by Melanie Watson
Show Co-Chairman’s Award - Mary Lu-Mariner's Dream by Mary Ellen Casey 

Some scenes from around the show....

Kay Lennon and Shirley Lapp prepare to meet our guests

Dodie Morrison, Pat Gardner and Junamae Quternous setting up the raffle ticket sales table

Kathi enjoys a chat with Ann Renica and Charlotte Dauer at the Silent Auction

 The Vendors shop each other's booths before the show opens for the day.  Above is the "Wood Quilter" and to the right is Paula from Cotton Etc, perusing the goodies Priscilla Kibbee has to offer.

As the show winds down Saturday afternoon....

 The Silent Auction after closing when the lucky winners of items can pick them up.

Look how empty the Boutique is!  

It was Guild member Sue Privatera's lucky day- she won the raffle bag and all those goodies!

And, last but not least, the moment everyone has waited for, hoping to hear their name called!
Drum-roll, please.....
And the lucky winner of the raffle quilt is:

 a very lucky grand daughter who will be receiving it for her 9th birthday!

Thank you to all who visited our show!!!

 But now comes the sad task of taking it all down.  As Carol Burnette said:  Seems we just get started and before you know it comes the time we have to say so-long.
It comes down so much faster than it went up.
A team of helpers matches up quilts with pillowcases

Another team carefully organizes to make returning the quilts to their owners

Who wait patiently for their turn

Thanks to everyone who had a hand in making the show happen:
Every Guild Member who made a quilt or favors, or came to help set up and take down, and made our visitors feel welcome. (no contribution was too small to be noticed!)
Spouses and family members who came to help (or ate take-out because we weren't home)
The Alexander Fire Department for their wonderful facility