Monday, January 30, 2012

We went to the CARNIVAL!

At the January 21 meeting,  21members of the Guild presented 23 quilts for this year's challenge.  The them , chosen by Kathi Everett, was "Carnival". It was interpreted in many ways!
Numbers are for members to use in voting for prizes, which will be awarded at the February meeting.
Quilt # 13: Mary Lu Hodgins  was inspired by a trip to New Orleans.  It's always a party on Bourbon Street!  The white label in the corner is still visible on houses left empty after Katrina.

Quilt # 22: Melanie Watson hand stitched fireworks in the background of her Mardi Gras celebration.

Quilt # 12: Bethany Anderson was inspired by Zoltan the fortune teller. The hands and face were made with "Model Magic"

 quilt # 11: Lori Anderson used photos from the Elba Onion Festival

Quilt # 23:  Mary Kozub used a piece of fabric she snow-dyed for the background of her carousel horse.

Quilt # 16: Cynda Watroba used woven strips of lame for the background in "Mardi Gras"

Quilt # 21: Alex Hammon and Dorothy Doerrer were inspired by memories of the autumn carnivals in Florida.

Quilt # 17: Gloria Crittenden found this great pattern in a Japanese magazine.  Aren't the buttons fabulous?

Quilt # 19: Connie Grimsley says curved piecing isn't her thing.  I disagree.

Quilt # 14: Susan Rathbun used some her own dyed fabrics for a Mardi Gras mask

Quilt # 9: Dodie Morrison gave us a view of the carnival rides at night

Quilt # 10: Elaine Ross added beads and swarovski crystals to her Purple Carnival Mask

Quilt # 8: Donna Tomski's fond memories of a backyard carnival  made everyone smile.

Quilt # 7: Chris Kuehl's carousel horse is all fused, with wonderful embellishments

Quilt #6: Diana Sikora interpreted a photo for her entry

Quilt # 3: Eileen Partise asked us what is a carnival without fireworks

Quilt # 4: Kathi Everett added crystals and bingo tiles to her ferris wheel

Quilt # 5: Kate Martin was inspired by the giant lollipops she loved as a child.

Quilt # 2:  Mary Ellen Casey always named her Merry Go Round horse "White Lightning"

Quilt #15: Gloria Crittenden lets us see ourselves as the royal bride and groom with the use of her carnival mirrors!

Quilt #18: Cynda Watroba took us for a ride on a Roller Coaster

Quilt #1: Martha Lorshbaugh turned Lime Green loose on the fair.
Quilt # 20: Karen Frutiger always wanted to be a dancer.

Member ballots are available in the February Newsletter.  Contact Martha with questions.