Friday, September 27, 2019

All the colors in the box!

Well, we blew it.  The Museum Quilt Guild turned 40 this month, and no one remembered to throw us a party!  What's important is that the group continues to thrive, thanks to the support of the membership!   With luck, they'll be celebrating another 40 years!

The September show and tell demonstrates the level of talent in out guild, as well as the variety of the skills and interests.  

 Mary Ellen Casey made this wonderful quilt, in an attempt to use up some stash, even on the back.... you might guess, it didn't make much of a dent.

Mary Ellen enjoyed learning "Improvisational Embroidery" at the ArtCGirlz meeting this month.

 Mary Ellen Ames acquired this quilt from the Senior Center.  They don't know where it came from, and have no need for it.  Mary Ellen was hoping one of us remembered working on it, and what she should do with it.  (I'm not sure she got any answers)

 Gloria Crittenden, who looked so happy with her quilt that I had to leave her in the picture, made this quilt as a gift for a friend who is an avid cyclist. 

 Elaine Ross was inspired by a photo she took in the woods.  She did trapunto on the leaves anad thread sketching for the "Lichen"

 Lorraine West is made this cute pillow to sit on the back of her couch, but it won't stay where she wants it!
 A sweet seasonal pillow Lorraine made

 Lorraine isn't sure if this is a table mate or a potholder yet.

 Connie and Jenny Grimsley visit an aunt Wisconsin every year, where there is a great quilt shop in a "Ben Franklin" store that hosts an annual challenge.  The back of the quilt above shows some ofthe challenge fabrics.
 Connie's entry
 Jenny's entry
They entered in different categories, hoping they can both snag a gift certificate as a prize. 

 Nancy Schrader made this pillow as a gift for a friend and her children.

 Nancy and her mom each made this seasonal door quilt. 

 Nancy Ellers originally intended this heart block to be the center of this quilt- pattern from an internet scrap quilt group.  Nancy Carefully re-did the block to NOT be on point, only to discover the center block of the quilt is on point.  The quilt will be a donation.

Nancy digitized the design her friend who sells Mary Kay uses and made this little quilt as a gift.

Our speaker for the month was Denise LaMarca, of Auntie's Attic quilt shop.   She gave us some great pointers on how to use the color wheel to choose fabrics for our quilts.

Our October meeting will feature a presentation by our national teacher, Linda M Poole. Hopefully, there will also be a nice showing of the projects made in the classes Thursday and Friday before the meeting.  Please join us!