Thursday, April 2, 2020

Virtual Show and Tell

Since we aren't allowed to hold meetings at the moment, we decided to do a virtual show and tell.  Hopefully I will be adding to this post as more people share what they're working on while we're all staying home.  Be safe, everyone.  Check in on your friends and family often.  Spread light!

Nancy Schrader goes first:

 Pic 1 -  my wind down project to calm me after layoff #5

 Pic #2.  Front of wip quilt top.

 Pic #3. Back of wip, pieces backing

Show and tell that was missed in cancelled March meeting.  Above are small bags Nancy was making at a retreat in February

(Below is a tree skirt made as a gift) 
Mom and I worked on so many parts of this project together.  Alex has the story (see the newsletter for details).  Was hoping to have Kate come to community service with us to show it off.

From Val Schultz:
So these are from an online mystery with Claudia Pfeil - a bit addictive, flowers and a stack of leaves done, now on to long spikes leaves...keeping me sane.

Martha Lorshbaugh provided these, which would have been her March Show and Tell:

 This is a community service quilt, pieced by another  member, that Martha had taken home to finish a while back.

 A skinny quilt for the window next to Martha's office door

 A small landscape quilt Martha started in an ArtCGirlz workshop

Martha did a stitchery piece and finished it by layering it onto a second quilt.  (Sorry for the really bad photo, ladies!)

Alex Hammon reminded me I forgot to put these pictures of Nancy Bush on my last post. 

 Here's the story:
After her stroke in either Feb or March 2018, as part of her therapy for herself Nancy worked on piecing the quilt top. Not an easy feat with weakness on her left side. I got a card from her in August of 2019 asking for assistance in getting it sandwiched and quilted. She wasn’t planning on finishing the quilt, but after her granddaughter saw it and told her she loved it, what could she do? I recruited Dodie and Kathi E. to help. Dodie took charge of tying the quilt. After she finished with it, I delivered it to Kathi for binding. With the extra backing fabric - about a yard - Kevin and I made 2 pillow cases as our gift to Nancy and her granddaughter. I had some music note fabric in my stash to use for the cuffs. We delivered the quilt and pillow cases to her on Dec. 21st. Just in time for her to give it to her granddaughter for Christmas. :-)

 Alex also sent along some pictures of things she's working on now. 

After her kitty blew out the ties on the kitty hammock, Alex used fabric leftover  from a challenge to make a new one.

Alex has also been working on piecing some community service blocks. 

Check back for more photos (I hope) , information on when we'll resume our meetings, and our quilt show in October!