Wednesday, September 21, 2022

September Quilt Show Prep

 OK, so blogger is arranging pictures in whatever order it chooses today.  I am not going to try and argue with it (I rarely win these little disagreements!)

At the September meeting, the activity was all about the quilt show!  If you haven't signed up to work at the show yet, please contact Elaine Lemley to add your name to the sign up list.  Remember- working ONE two hour shift gets you in to the show for free!  There is also a special raffle basket just for the members working the show (One ticket per shift, I think)

In a very random order- the show and tell presented in September...

Pat Gardner, I believe.  But I do not know for whom it was made.

Donna Tomski made this for the Silent Auction

Jenny Grimsley.  Again, I've forgotten the occasion, but I think it's for a niece.

Community Service, made by Mary Lowe

Community Service quilted by Mary Lowe.  Makers unknown.

A tumbler quilt top Connie Grimsley is working on after making....

...This tumbler as a gift to a co-worker.  Connie prefers the colors in the top above to these.  

Nancy Schrader is also making a tumbler quilt- using a bow tie layout.

Nancy's (Niece??) is having a baby and designed the room around a painting Mickey Green did, which the niece has. The pillow is a print of the painting.  A nice associate at Patchwork garden found the perfect fabric for a quilt to  match!

And there was enough fabric leftover for a dresser scarf!

Nancy Ellers has been making hats.  
These are rams, not odd Gs!

This pattern came out smaller than Nancy had intended...

So she tried again and added a cuff.  

Nancy made some small cuddle blankies to hang on car seats or stroller with a teething ring

Shirley Lapp doesn't like doing envelope finishes, so Nancy does them for her.

Nancy has made quite a few of these.  This is for the Silent Auction

Liz Scott found this in her UFOs and finished it for Community Service.

Elaine Ross was met with a pleasant surprise when she discovered the Sacred Threads exhibit committee used her quilt in their promotional materials.

Martha Lorshbaugh made this for a step-great grandson, who will arrive soon.

After the meeting, we spent some fun time decorating pumpkins grown by Elaine Lemley to be used as decorations at the quilt show. 

 Most of us kept it pretty simple.

Christine Hansen used  her artistic talents for this beauty!

Elaine Lemley had tried out the technique at home before coming to the meeting!

We look forward to seeing you all at the show.  Photos will be shared here once the show has been hung and awards given.