Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Holiday Party time!

There wasn't a lot of show and tell this month, but there was a lot of really great food!  It's always enjoyable to spend a while just enjoying the company of our fellow quilters.  For all who were there- and all who weren't- have a wonderful holiday season with your family and friends!  We wish for all of you some quiet time for quilting.

 Kathi Everett has a new grandson and this quilt is for him!

Eula Serrino made three of these doll quilts for her grand nieces.

The older nieces will enjoy these "Potato Chip" bags!

Another artist challenge for the small group Elaine Ross belongs to- this time it's Charley Harper.  Elaine made it seasonal with some beads to look like sparkling snow. 

Nancy Schrader unearthed some older quilts and decided to use them.  

Nancy made this one for herself!

And this one will be for her son.

Chris Kuehl is trying to finish a seasonal quilt for each season to display on her her small quilt rack.

Don't forget the challenge quilts are due at the January meeting.  How did January get here so fast??  They _just_ announced the challenge didn't they???