Monday, December 12, 2016

Happy Christmas to all!

At the December meeting, we had the tables set up for "brunch" during the meeting.  
(this probably allows more chit chat, but that's another story)

But, first, there was lots of business to discuss.  
And then the best part of most meetings- show and tell!

Nancy Ellers is determined to finish this quilt before Christmas, some year.

But Nancy did get this sweet little quilt top assembled yesterday!

Melanie and Mary Anne Watson took a class to make the "Ultimate Travel bag"  (Mary Anne will show hers when she remembers where she put it.  )

Terry McGuire made this quilt from a panel at a class she took.

Cathy Judkins had a small assortment of bags to share.  This one is for guitar picks.

This is a scarf holder- how cool is that??
This tree is made from 60 degree triangles

Kathy Belluscio is making good on her plan to make 9 quilts for Christmas!

Two from the Yellow Brick road pattern

These two are the ones Kathy was working on at retreat last winter

This one was inspired by the modern quilters who visited last spring.

And this one from a panel is cozy flannel!

Junamae Quternous made this sweet table topper from wool felt.

New member Elaine Lemley made this with fabrics she got from the fabric pool at the quilt show!

When attending the QCNYS meeting, Kathi Everett bought this gorgeous fabric from Tierney Barden, who does natural dyeing. 

Finally- it was time to sample all the delicious goodies waiting for us!

Enjoy your holidays, everyone!!!

The annual challenge quilts will be revealed/ turned in at the  next meeting, January 21, 2017.  This year's theme is "Bars".  So whatever that brings to mind- make it into a quilt, a bag, a pillow... and bring it in January!