Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Fun and Games February

 I was having fun playing the games, so didn't get any pictures.  I think Game Day should be a standard event for a winter meeting!  

We played the "Ugly Fabric Swap" again.  Here is my own collection of "Ugly" fabrics to be used in some future project.  Terry McGuire reminded us that Bonnie Hunter says "If it's still ugly, you haven't cut it small enough!"


Of course, most of what we shared at the meeting was definitely NOT ugly!

Nancy Ellers donated these tops to Community Service.  She isn't really sure where the one on the left came from.  It was in a box she recently unpacked.  

Nancy saw a picture for this on the internet and figured out how to make one herself.

The little one was a test for the balloon, but Nancy thought it was cute enough to finish.

This top will be donated as well.  Isn't that center panel adorable?

Everyone loved the super cute bugs on this quilt Tracy Jachimowicz made for her youngest grandson.

Donna Tomski was happy to announce this UFO is now a finished object!

Kathi Everett used Marci Durst fabrics for this amazing hexie quilt.  Mary Lowe did the quilting.  

I think Sue Chiddy said these blocks were found on the free table.  She's donating this for Community Service

New member Nancy Mitchell made two of these St Patrick's Day runners- one for her and one for a friend.  
Nancy made this sampler from a neat deck of quilt block cards with instructions for cutting and piecing on the back of each card.

Terry McGuire was doing shameless plugs for some of her charity work.  The dress above is for a project called "Dress a Girl".  Her church group has a representative who hand delivers them to Uganda.  She is accepting fabric donations, and anyone is welcome to sew a dress.  Details will be in the newsletter.
Terry was selling tickets for this raffle quilt to benefit Ukraine.

                                        Liz Scott made this quilt for a daughter's friend's baby.

Liz finished this UFO to be given as a gift to her brother for his 60th birthday.

Connie Grimsley is once again making a quilt for each of her students.  She's got 8 this year, so is getting an early start.  So far everyone's favorite color is blue.

Connie is waiting for some of the students to narrow down their color choices before making their quilts!

In March we'll be working on Community Service projects.  See the newsletter for details, or contact Martha or Connie if you have questions.  

Thursday, February 9, 2023

Two Shows in One

 Please go to the Richmond Memorial Library this month to see the exhibit of challenge quilts!  Both the current "I Thought I'd Never" and the 2021 Red and White challenge entries are on display.  Members and visitors can vote for their favorites in each challenge.

First up is "I thought I'd never"- each quilt is shown with the label telling the maker's name.  (click the picture to get closer views)



(Sorry there was no way to photograph this entry without the neighbor as well)

The 2021 Red and White display is very appropriate for the month of February, don't you think?