Monday, February 17, 2014

Challenge in the news! Now with awards included!

I apologize for not creating a post for the challenge sooner.  I still don't have all the names of the quilts.  And the member voting results have not been announced.  But we have been getting some media coverage from the challenge!

The Daily News ran a nice article, as always, featuring Gloria's Pearl Harbor quilt., which members awarded the prize for Best Execution of Theme.
We also impressed some members of the Channel 2 news team, at the library to cover another story.  I haven't been able to find it on their website, though.

Congratulations to the winners in the judging!  The judges were Linda Coats and Peggy Rich.

First place:  "Picasso Knew", by Val Schultz

In the member voting, Val also won  the award for Machine Quilting.

Second Place:  "Blizzard of '58", by Cynda Watroba

In member voting, this quilt also won Third Place and Creativity

Third Place: "Dawn of the Nuclear Age", by Susan Rathbun

In member voting, this quilt won the First place prize!

The other entries follow, in no particular order.  I will update this post when I get the names and winners of member voting.

"Here's Looking at You, Kid", by Susan Rathbun
In member voting, this quilt won the Second Place, Use of Color, and Applique ribbons

"1946- New York City Ballet Founded by Balanchine and Kirstein", by Mary Ellen Casey
Members chose this quilt to win the award for Design.

"Grandma's Car", by Gloria Critttenden

"On the Home Front" by Dodie Morrison

"Charlotte's Web", by Kate Martin
Members chose this quilt to win the award for Embellishment.  
The visitors to the exhibit awarded this one the Viewers Choice award!

"My First Christmas", by Elaine Ross

"Square One", by Kevin Hammon

"1953", by Chris Kuehl

"JFK", by Kathi Everett

"Music of the 30's and 40's", by Mary Ellen Ames

"1971 to Me",  by Alex Hammon

"Nice to Meet you, Mr. Vasarely",by Martha Lorshbaugh

Congratulations to all the winners- and to all the entrants for making another great exhibit!
Is everyone ready to start on the next one when the them is announced???