Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Black and White and.....

The Museum Quilt Guild members turned in quilts to be entered into the annual challenge show on January 19. Among the entries is a "Little Black Dress", a city scape and a tv test pattern! See the entire show here.

The Challenge theme is chosen by the Guild's 2nd VP each spring. The anticipation of each announcement is met with enthusiasm most years. This year the announcement was followed by questions, and more questions: Does grey count as a third color? What about cream? What if I use different shades of my third color??? And yet, despite all the questions, this challenge may be the most popular the Guild has ever had! A total of 33 quilts were entered by 29 members! There are those who participate every year, but this year there were several newcomers to the challenge, including one former member who was inspired to create a challenge quilt and rejoin the Guild!

The Museum Quilt Guild's membership is made up of every level of quilter, from beginner to expert. Many are strictly traditional quilters, while others use the annual challenge to try out a new technique and stretch themselves a bit.

Awards are givien to the entrants based on the workmanship and overall appearance of the piece as well as specific awards for the hand or machine quilting, use of color, creativity, use of theme and design. Visitors to the show are also invited to vote for their favorite, so that a viewer's choice award can be given.

The Museum Quilt Guild hosts a biennial quilt show in October. Much more of the work created by the same artists will be on display there. Please check back for details later in the year!