Thursday, April 20, 2023

The Creative Spirit

 Our April meeting was attended by some of local fiber artist Julie Brandon's amazing creations!

But before we got to hear their story, we enjoyed the talents of our own guild members.

              Nancy Ellers made herself a new hat and a band she can change with the seasons.

                      Nancy took this kit home from the Community Service table last month.  

Since the "Greeter" sash has been misplaced, Nancy made new ones for our monthly greeters to wear, and a spare for when we're out in public.  

               Nancy discovered a project called "I found a quilted heart", and decided to join in.  

Liz Scott is on a mission to create "Quilts of Valor" for all of her husband's friends who are veterans.

                                 Nancy Mitchell made these two beautiful wall quilts from kits.  

                              Nancy Schrader Made this little play quilt for a little boy in her life.  

Elaine Lemley made this from a McKenna Ryan pattern to honor her dairy farm childhood.

Jen Grimsley showed this quilt for "Sleep in Heavenly Peace"- pieced by Ann Renica and quilted by Cathy Schmeider.

Martha Lorshbaugh was given a charm pack (the pinks and creams) and added the floral fabric to make this quilt- donated to Community Service.

Julie presented a lovely talk about how she processes the ideas what she calls her "Creative Spirit"  sends her way.


Photoshop manipulation of images played a part in many of her quilts

This was one of Julie's favorite images of her son from a vacation on St Martin

And here her son, Rob, holds a quilt featuring images of Julie's grandmother, a holocaust survivor

                                          No matter the technique, Julie is fascinated by faces

Julie also found making 3D figures satisfied her creative spirit

This guy is made from burdocks!

                                                And this lovely lady is made from a gourd.

These are made from felted sweaters.

After the meeting, the members who chose to take the class learned techniques needed to create our own "Lady Bouquet".  

Results will be shown in future updates....