Monday, January 21, 2019

We Braved bad Weather for This!!

It was not a nice day for the January meeting.  In fact, there was a winter storm warning and some travel advisories.  But quilters are a hardy lot, and no one wanted to miss the annual challenge reveal!

The view from the auditorium window
 Before we got to that, we said thank you to members who have been doing big jobs for us for a couple of years: Jean Butzer, outgoing treasurer, Dodie Morrison, outgoing programs chair and Connie Grimsley, 2018 quilt show chair. We all know how important volunteering your time is, and we appreciate your willingness to serve. 

Once the business meeting finished, the line formed to present quilts made especially for the 2019 "Flora and Fauna" challenge.  

 Unfortunately, our usual display space at the Richmond Memorial Library is under construction, so we won't be able to show them off until October.  So here is a taste of the amazing talent on display. This is not all of the quilts.  I couldn't get good pictures of some.  I apologize to those ladies. 

Nancy Ellers, "Jack's Peacock"

Kathi Everett, "Sophia"

Mary Lowe, "Tea and Honey"

Mary Ellen Casey (Name unknown)

Jennifer Grimsley, "Raven's Call"

Connie Grimsley, "It's all About the Whales"

Nancy Schrader, "Ain't yo Mama's Hexies No Mo"

Donna Kauffman, "Kerchoo"

Terry McGuire, “Furry Fauna Finally Finds His Forever Family”

Eileen Sorochty, "Phoebe"

Elaine Lemley, "Flight of the Monarchs"

Laurie Kilbury Taylor, "Big Buck"

Laurie Kilbury Taylor, "Henny Penny"

Mary Kozub,, "Esme"

Alex Hammon, "Lounging at the Pond"

Chris Kuehl, "Piper"

Gloria Crittenden, "The Peacock"

Cynda Watroba, "War is not Healthy for Children and other Living Things"

Elaine Ross, "My Spirit Nymph Lives in the Woods"

Elaine Ross, "Leaves of Pickthorn"

Martha Lorshbaugh, "You Can't Buy Pokeweed at the Garden Center"

Susan Rathbun, "Fern Forest"

Susan Rathbun, "Mystic Horse"

Mary Lowe, "Monarch in the Garden"

Tracy Jachimowicz, "Love in Bloom"
 There were a few people who had nice work that was not made for the challenge as well.

Susie Spicer took a class to make this purse

Using orphan blocks, Susie made this runner

With goodies from the free table, Susie made a two sided quilt

I think Susie called it Christmas Wrappings

Shirley Lapp used up some jelly roll strips to make this pinwheel quilt

Tracy Jachimowicz made a sweet seasonal quilt

Elaine Lemley used a panel she bought in Alaska for this Attic Windows quilt

Sandy Shufelt made this for her husband- all from the same ombre fabric

Sandy  used a panel from the "Hungry Caterpiller" line to make this.

 Sue Chiddy had just got this back from long arm quilter and member Cathy Schmeider, and couldn't wait until she got home to see the quilting!

Finally, our speaker, John M Kubiniec, of Big Rig Quilting, took over the meeting.  
 First, he discussed modern quilting with us. 

Then he did a trunk show of the work from his book.   His quilts are "traditional with a modern flair"

Many thanks to John for braving the weather!  Some ladies even got to stay and learn from John.  Maybe we'll see their work soon!