Saturday, June 19, 2021

June Monthly Mini

Monthly Minis’ - each month we are providing a link to a free “mini” project for you to try.  These will be projects that you can most likely complete in a few hours or less of sewing. This month’s mini is a scissors case that holds a large and a small pair of scissors.  

A VERY Sweet Reunion!

 Today, for the first time since February 2020, the Museum Quilt Guild had an in-person meeting!  There were plenty of hugs and happy greetings, and reconnecting and stories shared!!!  I wish I had gotten more pictures, but I was not there as a casual observer- I wanted hugs!

We met at the lovely Dewitt recreation Area in Batavia, and the weather was perfect! 



After a very routine business meeting, we enjoyed a show and tell a year in the making. (I'm sorry some of the details are skimpy, I was my own scribe today)

Jennifer Grimsley kicked things off by showing off the raffle quilt made for our 2020 quilt show.  The amazing quilting Cathy Schmeider did doesn't show very well here, unfortunately.



Nancy Ellers was asked to make memory quilts for a family member who had passed away. 

 None of the clothes she received were what she would have chosen to work with, but she did a great job- even including a few hats in the quilts!

The mother didn't want a quilt, so Nancy made her a tiny pocket bag instead- and used not only a pants pocket flap, but the drawstring from some shorts!

Irene Bow showed off this beautiful Dresden Plate quilt, quilted by Cathy Schmeider.


Pat Gardner has been busy!

Pat started this one in a class that suddenly was cancelled.  The directions were posted so she could finish it, but she doesn't like the fabrics she chose.  OOPS- there was another, but the pictures were terrible.  (Sorry, Pat)

Who knew there'd be people on the tables at a quilt guild meeting?   Thanks to Alex and Nancy for being brave ad holding things up for all to see clearly!

Jennifer Grimsley had worked on this for several years. The fabrics were part of a charm swap she did.

Jenny was using  up her green and pink scraps and made this for community service.

Jenny is working on this one to be a gift for a man she knows.

Using skills she picked up in a class with Timna Tarr, Jenny appliquéd the sashiko piece  to the pink, then revers appliquéd the background to the pink!

Connie has been using up lots of fabrics making small quilts.  Most of these are for the students in her 4th grade class.  I didn't get the names of which student gets which quilt...

One likes rainbows!
One likes purple
A couple of them like blue

One likes birds- this is the only one Connie bought fabric for!
One likes red.  

Ann Renica is making "I Spy" quilts, partly to get her quilting mojo bck and partly to try and use up some of the many fabrics she has collected. She challenged herself to see how many ways she could use them squares she has.....   She donates them to the special care nursery at Highland hospital.

This circle one was also inspired by a class with Timna Tarr!  Isn't it fun!?

Kathy Belluscio recently got this back from being long arm quilted, but hasn't been able to get the binding on it yet.
This baby quilt will be gone as soon as it is finished.  Kathy is hand quilting this one. 
A friend quilted this for Kathy.  It's for Community Service. 

Nancy Schrader and Angie Vallett have been tag team sewing; one does part then the other does part until they're done!
Nancy and her niece started this at a community service work day a couple of years ago. Nancy didn't care for how the colors fell in the jelly roll race, so she cut it up and rearranged things.  Angie helped her finish it.  

Nancy won't be at the July meeting to share her Red and White Challenge entries so she brought them today. 
The first, called Ladies in Red was inspired by a photo of Nancy, her sister and her mom.  Nancy inserted her niece into the photo for the quilt.  It's 3-D, with lovely hats and other embellishments.
When she finished that one, Nancy looked at her scraps and decided to play with them, creating this confetti quilt piece.  The light shines through it if hung in a window, as there is no batting. 

Elaine Lemley added a border to this panel using a simple curves ruler to make a wallhanging.

Elaine used a Laura Heine pattern for the bee, but made her background a bit simpler to make this beautiful bee.
The center of this runner was left over from a panel.  Elaine added the redwork to it using her embroidery machine.  

After Melanie was married (4 years ago!), she was given an assortment of log cabin blocks at retreat.  She is trying to do something with them now and made this pillow.  She wishes she knew who made the block. 

I'm looking forward to seeing all the red and white challenge pieces next month- in person!  In January we were only able to see pictures of them.  We'll also be honoring the winners of the Modern Solids challenge, since ribbons were never awarded in 2020.  We'll be at Dewitt park again.  Please join us!