Friday, August 25, 2023

For the Beautiful Birds

 Well, blogger has decided to post my pictures in a random order today, so I apologize if you're confused about who did what.  

So the August meeting was a very nice day.  For a change it was not brutally hot in the auditorium as it usually is this time of year. 

As always, Many thanks to the ladies who go up on stage to help us all enjoy show and tell.  They probably don't get to fully appreciate everything from there.   

These first few pictures are quilts donated by member Nancy Bush.  Nancy isn't able to get to meetings anymore, but is still quilting!  Very generous of her to keep contributing to our community service efforts.

I know Liz and Diane didn't plan on being in the pictures, but it seems rude to chop off their heads!
                                                    Nancy Ellers made these hot pads

Liz found a way to hold all of the mug rugs Nancy Ellers made!

Nancy was trying out a pattern on her embroidery machine and liked it well enough to make it into a little wall hanging.
Nancy found the current Community Service "Economy" block rather addictive.

Tumbler quilts Nancy will donate to the St Mary's quilt ministry.  

Nancy found these teapot blocks on the free table and made them into a mat and coasters!

Kathy Belluscio added to the rows from the row robin some of the members did years ago.  This is the top, which will be given as a gift soon.

                             Kathy made this one for her grandson's upcoming wedding. 

Connie Grimsley  is trying very hard to use scraps.  These two are for community service.

Carol Farkas discovered the bin where she saves strips was so full she couldn't close it, so she started making string quilts.  
They haven't made much of a dent in the supply, but she can at least close the bin!

Donna Tomski made this super cute quilt- quilted by Mary Lowe, to be given to her great grandson.  

Elaine Lemley got this pattern at our quilt show last year, and is getting ready for the holidays early.  The pattern is available again if anyone wants it.  

Nancy Schrader had a tell and a show- this is the sample she made playing on her new sit down longarm machine!

Nancy and her family are finding homes for all of Nancy's mom's (Member Micky Greene) art work. Mickey had  painted for much of her life.  Nancy shared a few of the pieces and made a slideshow available during the breaks.  

Pat Gardner made this "double slice" quilt to be donated to the St Mary's ministry.  

Nancy Mitchell took a series of quilting classes and finished this quilt!
                                      Nancy also made this super cute little turtle thread catcher.  

While writing this post, I have come to realize that it was Nancy day at guild!    Not only was it Nancy day for show and tell, but Nancy Schrader won half of the raffle prizes this month.  (Just a little non-sequitur for those who are actually reading this post. :-))

For our program, we were treated to up close looks at the work of member and artist Kevin Hammon.

He sad he prefers to hide behind his work (Or a microphone), so I was only going to use the penguin picture, but I also loved the mocking bird below- one of Kevin's pieces with a great story!  He posts the stories with the work at his website:

I didn't get the names of these wroks, but wanted everyone to see how amazing they are!

After the meeting, some of us stayed to take a class and paint our very own little chickadee!  Kevin is a very patient and encouraging teacher!

Kevin's original is the center one.  I can't label each one- sorry.  Participants include Martha, Diane Hooper, Angie Vallett, Nancy Schrader, Nancy Mitchell, Liz Scott, and Michelle Pastore.

In September we'll be learning about the designs from Quiltworx (Judy Neimeyer)