Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Viewer's Choice Awards!

With everything else that happened at the meeting, I completely forgot about the announcement of the Viewer's choice awards from the quilt show!

Stitches in Time 2012
Viewer’s Choice Awards

Congratulations are extended to each and every one of you that exhibited quilts at the show – without your participation there could have not been a show.

Viewer’s Choice Awards are considered by many to be the finest award a quilter can win and a clear indication of favorite quilts in the show. 

1st Place – Feathered Fantasy by Florence Burke
2nd Place – Baltimore Bunnies by Irene Bow
3rd Place – Tree of Life by Irene Bow
4th Place – Stary Night by Irene Bow
5th Place – Golden Jubilee by Linda Prouty
6th Place – Quilting in the Garden by Tracy Jachimowicz

Honorable Mentions
Mariner’s Dream by Mary Ellen Casey
Strips by Mary Kozub
Floral Bouquet by Irene Bow
Vintage Valentine by Irene Bow
Speak to Me My Little Nightmare by Kimberly Sherman
Around the World by Nancy Bush
Peonies Among the Ginko by Cheryl Doody
Triangle Love by Loraine West

Monday, December 10, 2012

December-Two meetings in one!

 For anyone who didn't hear, the November meeting was cancelled at the very last minute ( around 7pm on Friday night before) because the board learned of some maintenance at the VA which would mean there was no power to the auditorium, no lights, no elevator, possibly no heat.  It was deemed unsafe for us to be there.  An email went out and calls were made to all members  not on the email list for the newsletter.  We sincerely apologize to anyone who didn't get the message!  We had hoped to welcome some new members who found us after the quilt show and truly hope they will find us again!

One thing we didn't have to miss out on was a visit from Marija Vujcic, who was to be our speaker in November.  She was gracious enough to offer to come back and do an abbreviated presentation for us this month!

The first thing she shared was the fabric flowers mentioned in the newsletter.  If you couldn't make the meeting to get the instructions, you can find them at Marija's blog!
 Marija shared some of her lovely holiday projects with us.  This one is sort of a cheater since she used a collection of coordinating fabrics in a simple layout to make a quick and easy quilt.
There was also a sweet little snowman quilt made from a panel.  You'll have to see it here, because my picture was too blurry to use!
 Then we got a brief tutorial on Marija's "cheater Bargello" technique.  Using gradated fabrics, you can save the step of strip piecing to create beautiful pieces like these!
 She starts with a single piece of fabric with color gradations, sews it into a tube then cuts it into varying widths the way you would for a traditional bargello quilt, and voila!!!

 In this picture, you can see a small bargello piece made with the fabric on the left, which is beautifully quilted to be used as a background for some applique.

 In the piece above, Marija used a single piece of gradated fabric and a curved piecing technique to create the background for the poppies. A look at the back show her exemplary quilting!

 The same gradated fabric is used in opposite corners of this "convergence" quilt.

Marija had a lot of goodies to share with us!
 We really enjoyed this presentation, and hope to invite Marija back soon, maybe for a workshop!

December show and tell

Tracy's barn quilt block
 Tracy's son has started making barn quilts at her request.  (information will be in the newsletter)
Kathi's barn quilt block

Tracy made this little bag using fabrics she challenged others to use in a small project

Tracy also made this bag, covering an "oopsy" with flowers!

Martha made this table runner using an "Illusionary bars" technique

Martha gave this fabric block to another member for her grandchildren to play with
Martha actually made the quilt from the kit she got at the show in October!

Jean Butzer will be teaching this Kim Diehl project at Pine Grove in the spring

Ann Renica made these small quilts for the Brooklyn Street children she sponsored

Shirley Lapp made this for her granddaughter

Emmy finished this quilt after stopping and starting it since 1986!

Cheryl Doody  made this donation quilt using Anita Grossman Soloman's "Unbiased block"

 John Rolle made the raggy rainbow quilt.  He's not thrilled with the rainbow progression, so he promises to do better on the next one.
Kathi Everett's samples of the decolorant she tried at last months meeting of the "ArtCGirlz"

After Show and Tell we had our annual feast provided by members.  
 The Secret Santa stockings were then exchanged.  Apologies that these are the only pictures, but all of the stockings were lovely!
Kathi oohs and ahhs over her stocking

Beth Anderson

Mary Ellen Ames