Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Quilting as We Go

At the August meeting, Wenda Coburn visited, with a nice trunk show of different methods for "Quilt as you go" - to make those large projects more manageable on a home sewing machine.

But first, we enjoyed a nice show and tell; perhaps a preview of the Quilt Show! (only 7 weeks away!)
 Melanie Watson made this for her boyfriend's daughter, who was moving into SUNY Fredonia that very day.

 Nancy Ellers practiced her pebbling on this little quilt.

 Susan Rathbun made this with a kit she picked up on the free table, and is 
donating it to the Silent Auction.

 Donna Sofokles decided to finish up some of the kits her "well-meaning friends" give her to be donated to the silent auction.  

 Donna Sofokles- seasonal skinny quilts for the silent auction.
 Lori Anderson made some breast cancer pillows with fabrics from her "wonder" collection.
 Lori is working with the book The New Hexagon.  These patterns printed the wrong size, so she made coasters to be part of the ArtCGirlz raffle basket.

 The ArtCGirlz are doing a modern quilt challenge, and this is Lori's piece.  She said this kind of construction is "Not her cup of Tea", but she didn't hate it.  

 Linda Prouty asked for a bit of help from some of the other makers of crazy quilts on how to finish this vintage piece.

 Lorraine West was going through old projects, and came across this one.  Her mother helped with some of the cross stitching.  Lorraine isn't sure she likes it enough now to finish it. 

 I nice bag Lorraine found in her UFO collection, and finished.

 Lorraine also made herself a new friend.  

 Sandy Schufelt's "stitch by number" Christmas quilt.

 Sandy "finally" finished her project from Jean's applique class from last year.  

 Sandy made one of these a while back and everybody wanted one, so she made 5 more.

 Kathy Belluscio finished her pillow from the recent cathedral windows class.

 Kathy made stockings for everyone she knows needs one...

 ...plus an extra- just in case.

 Martha Lorshbaugh is using the quilt show as incentive to finish some old projects.  This was from a demo several years ago.

 And a One Block Wonder she finished using the faux piped binding method.

Then is was time for Wenda Coburn to take the stage.  
In some of the methods for assembling the sections of quilt as you go quilts.
 In this method, there is very little evidence that the quilt was made in sections.

 In this method, the front looks like it is one piece.

And you have to look closely on the back to see the joins

In some of the others, there is a joining strip between the sections.
 That  makes it possible to do a different design on the back, if you plan ahead.

 And by folding the back around to the front, you can make it part of the design!

Or you can make the backing match the front!

 These were both done with a stitch and flip method.

 Just piece the border sections before you sew them on the quilt.

Here are a few of Wenda's favorite books for quilting as you go.  (Some are out of print)

In September, we'll be having a second Community Service work day.  As in March, we will be bringing lunch items to share.  Check with Connie and Vinnie to see what's needed!