Friday, April 23, 2021

April Show and Tell

 I didn't forget the show and tell in my last post.  I wanted each part of the meeting to have it's own space here.  (In all honesty, I have no idea if anyone is still coming to visit the blog- other than the bots trying to spam people.  sigh)

So here are the photos shared on last months meeting.  If anyone sends in pictures, I'll add to this post.  

Martha finally finished a quilt she started years ago- doing it as a leaders and enders project.  It will be donated to the cancer treatment practice she uses.

Martha knitted this bunny using a pattern by Wicked Chicken yarns

Jennifer Grimsley made this mug rug, suggested by Sue Privatera,, for their Sunday night sewing group.

Elaine Ross edited a picture she took of a stone wall and iron fence to create this image. The quilt was made as a commission piece.

Elaine made these for the Rochester Arts Council 4x4 exhibit.  Working small was a challenge!

Elaine made this small comfort quilt for a child who received a transplant. 

Connie Grimsley made these treat bags for friends and co-workers.

Connie made this beautiful piece as a comfort quilt for a co-worker.

Vinnie Tjhung pieced this community service quilt.  Jenny machine quilted it.  

This top was donated to community service- Connie doesn't know who made it.  Jenny also quilted this one. 

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Timna Tarr's Virtual Visit

 Timna Tarr was to have been our national teacher later this year.  Sadly, the decision was made to avoid any issues due to the continuing pandemic, and invite her to do a virtual presentation.  It was amazing!  She is an excellent story teller with a great sense of humor! I was sitting all alone laughing out loud, feeling sad she wasn't able to hear how much I was enjoying her! (Personally, I'm hoping we can book her for October of 2023!)

Disclaimer: Photos were taken as screenshots during the presentation, and are used with her permission

Her presentation is titled Before and After: Repeating patterns.  It refers to the fact that she has found in older quilts and patterns inspiration for modern versions; often working in a series so she can explore variations on the themes.

Timna's early inspiration was her grandmother, who made quilts for everyone.  This quilt was the one Timna used as a child.
Timna's ow first quilt didn't impress her, but she did enjoy the process enough to keep going.

Using this bow tie quilt made by her grandmother as inspiration, Timna played with the block....







 ...and found joy in playing with the color placement.

The circles inspired her to create a series of appliqu├ęd circle quilts.

(This is what happens when you fussy cut faces from a fabric.  She says she'll use the rest somehow)

She said covid stole her creativity (boy, can I identify with that!) So she just sewed- making string pieced blocks.  The first one reflects the colors she enjoyed on a trip to the Bahamas before the lockdowns. 

This picture (of a niece?) inspired her to try her hand a making a portrait.  She calls her technique "Stitched Mosaics"

Isn't her work awesome?!

I believe the circle technique and the stitched mosaics were to have been the offerings in October.  The good news is they are available as prerecorded classes here!

Next month will be the third- and final- virtual presentation in our Spring Speaker series.  If you haven't joined us yet, please do! It's not as hard as you think, and is well worth the effort!

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

April Monthly Mini

 ‘Monthly Minis’ - each month we are providing a link to a free “mini” project for you to try.  These will be projects that you can most likely complete in a few hours or less of sewing.   

This month’s mini is a fabric basket, that you can use in your sewing room, your office, a kid’s room, or wherever you need to corral things. It’s cute and very easy to make!  

(editor's note- it's not cute, it's adorable, and I hope I can find time to make one- or five!!)