Tuesday, August 23, 2022

August Meeting

 Meetings are starting to feel a bit more like they used to, thanks to the contributions of so many of our members!  This month we enjoyed an amazing trunk show from Karen Seink, from Colden, NY- thanks to Kathi Everett and Elaine Ross for reaching out to Karen!

Of  course, there is always member work to enjoy at the meetings.  Apologies for some photos being low quality- I have to work fast to get a picture most of the time as they're moving around!!


Nancy Ellers made two of these so she could donate one to the Silent Auction

Arren't these little crocheted punkins cute?

This honeycomb blanket will be part of a raffle basket.

Pat Gardner made these beautiful table runners!

Kathy Belluscio made this quilt with samples found in her aunt's things.  This is a comfort quilt for a family member with health issues.  

Nancy Schrader made pillowcases for everyone as part of a birthday celebration (I think)

Ann Renica is donating this top to Community Service for the "Sleep in Heavenly Peace" project.

Sue Privatera made this for the Silent Auction

Thanks to the ladies who helped Karen show us her work: Melanie Tubinis, Patty Baxter, Mary Kozub and Kathi Everett

Karen's work is amazing- full of natural beauty she recreates with paint's, colored pencils, painstaking appliqué and intensive quilting

(oops- sideways. Sorry)

Next month we're doing some quilt show prep- by painting pumpkins with quilting motifs to be used as decorations for the show.  I hope to see you all there!