Tuesday, March 24, 2015

March Community Service day

Cheryl Doody donated this small quilt
 Tracy Jachimowicz started off show and tell this month by sharing items donated to the Muckdogs baseball team silent auction.  Funds raised from this will be given to the PTSD unit at the VA.
Tracy made this one to donate.

I think this one came from the community service stash.
Frog booties

Nancy Ellers has been busy making goodies for her new grandson.
Cow booties

And a binky buddy.

Cynda Watroba did some snow dyeing, since there was so very much  of it to use!

Cynda also showed off the pin she made at the February ArtCGirlz meeting.

Mary Kozub shows the transfer she did at the March ArtCGirlz meeting using sharpie markers

 Mary Ellen Ames showed several of the old projects she finished at retreat.  Unfortunately, she showed them so quickly, this was the only one I got a halfway decent picture of.  (sorry)
 Mary Ellen also finished piecing this quilt top from a John Flynn precut kit.

Eula Serrino made this raggy quilt as a donation  to support a friend battling cancer.

Elaine Ross made this in honor of the efforts to save the Monarch butterflies.

Trudy Kutter finished some old projects on reteat as well/
She is early for Fall, not late!

 Mary Anne and Melanie each made one of these quilts to be donated

Connie Grimsley made this as a gift for a friend. This picture doesn't do justice to the project- four different seasonal scenes featuring a barn.  Just beautiful!

These are two of the pieces Connie worked on at retreat.

This one was made using squares purchased at the flea market last month!

Ann Renica's solution to her daughter's request for Easter basket liners.

Also by Ann Renica

Martha Lorshbaugh is still making baby stuff!

 After the meeting, members wasted no time getting set up for working on community service projects!

Alex and Dorothy worked on a quilt of valor project.

Lori and Lori put rainbow blocks together.

 Donna and Carol worked on disappearing nine patch blocks

 Ann Renica worked her magic machine quilting.

 This group was working on I-spy blocks

Connie and Vinnie made sure everyone had a project, and even  did some sewing themselves.

 Another beautiful disappearing nine patch quilt.

And Melanie and Mary Anne got their rainbow blocks together!

It was a good time- lots of sharing, sewing and good company!

In April Susan Ralyea of the BCWoolery will share some ideas for using wool felt in our work- and a class will follow!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

A great way to spend a cold and colder weekend!!!

The annual retreat at Camp Asbury on Silver Lake was last week (Feb 26- March 1).  Those lucky enough to attend had a blast, stayed inside where it was cozy warm and there was lots of tasty food.  And Sewed!! And laughed and enjoyed being with the good companionship of good friends!

 Everyone comes ready to get started- no time is wasted before sitting at the machine, or getting the rotary cutters moving through fabric!

 And of course, setting out the snacks- and making coffee!

We all love how Julie and Kathi bring big piles of fabric to dig through as they work!!

And Julie brought "friends" to decorate her space!

It's great to walk around and enjoy the variety of colors and projects.....

Jennifer Grimsley's Dresden plates
Kathi Everett's freeform pieced log cabins
Donna Tomski is still working on her fall projects

Melanie Watson's squares for a quilting sampler

There was something different on this design surface- shared by Connie and Jenny-  nearly every time I looked at it!  

Jenny's churn dash blocks

Connie's LeMoyne star, using techniques by Victoria Findlay Wolfe

Pat Garner starting to lay out her quilt
A later look at Pat's quilt

Eula Serrino's garden bugs

Barb Brady's snowman table runner

Another colorful project at Melanie's table

Mary Kozub working on a piece in her window series

Mary Lowe loves to make One Block Wonder quilts.

A spring table runner at Eula's table

Carol McNally's strip pieced blocks

And a preemie quilt Carol will donate

 And every so often a sort of conference would grow around one project or another...

Eula gets advice on her bug quilt

Lori shows the fabric she got for her landscape project
This will be a gift for a friend who I think rode his bike cross country??

Mary Kozub advises Kathy Belluscio on a project using a gorgeous panel

The best example of this was when Maureen wanted to see the glow-in-the-dark monsters on her pillowcase.

It's not every day you see women piling into a men's room,  the door closes and you hear a collective, "Ooooh!"

On Saturday night we all took a few minutes to play the 1 - 100 game.

Vinnie had the magic touch rolling a six every time....

...and writing really fast!

More people had a chance to win in the second round.

We didn't have a full show and tell, but here are a few of the projects completed at retreat.

Trudy Kutter only needed a binding to finish this witch wall hanging.

Lori Anderson's "Second Floor walk-up" top

Martha Lorshbaugh got this baby quilt appliqued and pieced

Tracy Jachimowicz pieced this sweet baby quilt from fat quarters

Kathy Belluscio plans to add another row of blocks to this one

Donna Tomski donated this to community service- from  a Bonnie Hunter pattern

Kathy Belluscio made two of these- using the design Mary suggested

Another baby quilt Martha Pieced

A jelly roll race quilt made by Connie and Jennifer Grimsley

Alex Hammon has her "Tada!!" moment with her paint chip challenge star

Connie and Vinnie laid out blocks to be assembled at the march guild meeting

Mary Kozub is working on an "Old Italian" block quilt

Show and tell should be filled with projects from retreat very soon!!
Many thanks to Kathi and Tracy for making the arrangements.  See you all next year!!!