Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Revealing the challenge and enjoying a story!

The January meeting ran a little long because it was jam-packed with good stuff!

First was show and tell-

Nancy Ellers finished this panel for the St Mary's charity project

This lap robe is for the Lipson cancer center

Nancy is asking members to make 1 1/2 inch (finished)  yo-yos to make more garlands for our annual Christmas tree at the museum's Wonderland of Trees.

Susan Rathbun's modern quilt in memory of Georgia O'Keefe
 (See the original version here)

Donna Sofokles isn't sure this quilt is finished yet, but she's done working on it for now.

MaryAnne Watson found her "Ultimate Travel Bag", it was lost last month. :-)

Lori Anderson is working on UFOs this year, and finished her Quilt as You Go class project

Irene Bow's beautiful blue and white quilt looks good...

... from the back as well as the front

Sandra Schufelt spent her holiday break (between Christmas and New Years) finishing UFOs.  (Clearly hers are much closer to completion than mine are!)


Emmy Hartwick asking if there are any last minute joiners for the block swap project

Mary Kozub is worried about losing her dongle, so she made this little felted pouch to carry it in.

Mary's son is patiently waiting for the quilt she made for his new bed

 Then it was time for the reveal of entries for the 2017 "Bars" challenge!  A long line formed, some looking a bit tired from the last minute finishing session.

Some entries were whimsical and fun...
Mary Kozub's Big "Amazing" Red Spots

Mary Ellen Casey's Salad Bar

Mary Lowe's "Dirty Martini"

There were some "bars" of music

 Over the Rainbow by Lausei Kozub

Terry McGuire

Elaine Ross' Piano Bar

A couple of entries honored the often overlooked "bar code"

by Susan Rathbun

By Ann Renica

A couple had candy "bars" 

by Donna Sofokles
by Nancy Ellers
 And some just found a way to use bars of fabric.

 A bar-becue from Elaine Lemley

breaking out of bars, by Dodie Morrison

apologies to the maker of this one- I'll update when I can
by Gloria Crittenden
Amish Bars, by Dorothy Doerrer
There are 24 entries, and not all are shown here; mostly because the picture I took isn't very good.  I will make a separate post with good pictures of each quilt after the display is hung in the Richmond Memorial Library.

After that, we had a wonderful presentation from Story teller Cathleen Wiggs.  Performing a character named Lily, she tells stories of life and quilts from the civil war era. (Quilts shown here are reproductions made by Cathleen.)

If you get a chance to hear Cathleen speak, I suggest you take it!

In February we will enjoy a visit from Jack Edson, who makes fabulous portrait quilts!