Saturday, December 10, 2011

Brown bag challenges revealed!

The December meeting was fun for all, and not just because the food was so good!  (but as always, the food was so good  people were groaning about how much they ate!)
Our regular show and tell line was short this month...

Kathi Everett's stocking for her online group.
 There's a better picture of this at Kathi's blog!
This bag made with duct tape and a t-shirt will also go to Kathi's secret sister
This was made with felt Mary Lee gave her

Tracy made this for Kathi using an antique quilt.
Tracy Jachimowicz enjoyed making stockings, so she made an extra!

Tracy made this for the Silent auction. (hint, hint!)

Carol McNally made raggy quilts as gifts for a friend's children.

Also by Carol McNally

Martha made some of her Xcentric blocks into a tote bag.

Before the brown bag challenge pieces were revealed, members were shown the items that had been in each bag

Mary Ellen Casey found a Caroler singing "Fa La La!" in her bag.

Melanie made a brown bag!

the rubber bit ended up as a pocket on the back

Kathi made some wearable art!

Mary Anne Watson represented the last nice day before winter.

Chris Kuehl was inspired by the blue fabric of her tie to make a bluebird

Mary Lu Hodgins envisioned an evening out with "Shall we Dance?"!

Emmy Hartwick's sweet little house is sold!

JoAnn Flynt brown bag had a pumpkin inside

Pat Keller added a dishtowel and made a little tote bag.

Martha Lorshbaugh says "It's in here some where!"

Butterflies flew out of Elaine's bag!

After they were all shown, it was decided there will have to be a special section at the quilt show in October displaying these wonderful creations!