Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fabric Postcards are fun!

An enthusiastic group of members stayed after the March 15 meeting for a class on fabric postcards. They soon learned how easy and fun it is to create these small works of art.A fabric postcard is a small quilt created on a stiff inner layer that allows it to travel through the postal system.

Teacher Martha Lorshbaugh was happy to share not only her own collection of postcards, but those of fellow member Kathi Everett, to inspire the class. Many of these cards came from internet swaps. The creativity represented on these cards inspired the some of the class participants to play, rather than follow the pattern provided.

Donna's Easter card for her Grands

Ann learned the benefits of taking her time
on the blanket stitching!

Mary Ellen decided to be very artistic- even adding some sequins!

More of the class postcards can be seen here! And hopefully many more will soon follow.

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Deb from DE said...

I miss being with you people - but it is great to see what you are up to - nice job!
Deb R.