Thursday, February 5, 2009

Time to catch up, part I

Well, it happened again. Much time has passed and the chance to update came and went several times, usually being stolen by activities like getting a quilt ready for the challenge, or cooking a dinner for the family. So, let's start with the holidays.

The annual Christmas party held on December 13 was as always a good time for all who attended.
The tables were covered in plain brown paper and crayons, allowing members to express their creativity during the business meeting.

Sadly, much of the artwork was lost during clean up. So if you have some of it, treat it with care as it may one day be very valuable!

We had our third collection of gift bags for the students at the "Brooklyn Street School" The generosity shown by our members means that every child receives a goodie bag, as well as older siblings who have graduated from the program.

Connie Grimsley led a wonderful activity for everyone, where we each made a beautiful folded paper greeting card. It is obvious that Connie is accustomed to working with difficult students as no amount of disruption and confusion could fluster her at all. (thanks, Connie!)

Several members decided to participate in a block swap. The Christmas themed blocks were made available from Victoriana Quilting Designs
The blocks were swapped during the break and all were pleased by the results of the swap!
And of course there was all that delicious food!!!! ( I am still full)

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