Thursday, February 4, 2010

Challenge results

We had lots of fun getting a close up look at the quilts the other day when we set up the display at the library. They look fabulous up on the walls of the gallery, so please stop in and take a good look at them.

The judges came in Wednesday morning and spent three hours with the quilts, making their decisions. They said they really had fun doing this, and would like to have a couple of the quilts for themselves.

This years awards went to:

1st Place: Jean Butzer ”Initially Mine”

2nd Place: Dodie Morrison “Night Bloomers”

3rd Place: Cynda Watroba “Beneath the Snow”

Best Execution of Theme: Melaine Watson “What’s in a Name”

Creativity/ Originality: Sharon Larson “Strange and Tender Love”

Best Use of Color: Mary Ellen Casey “Big Bang”

Design: Kathi Everett “Love Letter”

Appliqué: Martha Lorshbaugh “Man That Rooster is Loud”

Hand Quilting: Diana Sikora “Entity”

Machine Quilting: Elaine Ross “Sunrise Over the Water”

The judges were Vicki Steffenhagen, who teaches classes and works at Betty's in Spencerport, and Penny McDowell who many of you met last April when she presented a trunk show at the guild meeting. Penny owns a long arm quilting business in East Aurora. Thanks for your time, ladies!

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Kathi said...

While I was going over ther results and actually took in the names of the quilts....I was making a story with was funny!