Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Viewer's Choice Awards!

With everything else that happened at the meeting, I completely forgot about the announcement of the Viewer's choice awards from the quilt show!

Stitches in Time 2012
Viewer’s Choice Awards

Congratulations are extended to each and every one of you that exhibited quilts at the show – without your participation there could have not been a show.

Viewer’s Choice Awards are considered by many to be the finest award a quilter can win and a clear indication of favorite quilts in the show. 

1st Place – Feathered Fantasy by Florence Burke
2nd Place – Baltimore Bunnies by Irene Bow
3rd Place – Tree of Life by Irene Bow
4th Place – Stary Night by Irene Bow
5th Place – Golden Jubilee by Linda Prouty
6th Place – Quilting in the Garden by Tracy Jachimowicz

Honorable Mentions
Mariner’s Dream by Mary Ellen Casey
Strips by Mary Kozub
Floral Bouquet by Irene Bow
Vintage Valentine by Irene Bow
Speak to Me My Little Nightmare by Kimberly Sherman
Around the World by Nancy Bush
Peonies Among the Ginko by Cheryl Doody
Triangle Love by Loraine West

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