Tuesday, October 22, 2019

October Show and Tell

 I wanted our show and tell to stand alone, rather than being a footnote in the post about Linda M Poole.  So, for those who may have missed the meeting, here's what our members were working on last month.

Jenny Grimsley gave both wet and dry cyanotype printing a try. 

Mary Ellen Casey took a class on silk painting

Elaine Ross made this using a picture she created for her photography class. 

Liz Scott is going to be an aunt several times over...

Liz's niece/ nephew #2

Liz designed this one!!!

 Donna Sofokles made placemats for meals on wheels using the samples she made in a class with Philippa Naylor.  She waved them pretty fast, so I only got a couple of pictures, but I didn't want to leave her out.

Eileen Sorochty took this picture of an iron stone fountain (in Ireland, maybe???) , and used thread painting to create it in fabric!

 Susan Rathbun made some placemats with a few things she had in her orphan block stash.

Susan's beautiful Fall table runner.

 Mary Ellen Ames was looking for suggestions as to what to do with this commemorative quilt.  A member who knows the county Historian would like it in her office was happy to take it to her.

Mary Ellen Ames discovered this in some family "archives"

Mary Ellen finished her Summer Solstice, by Judy Neimeyer

Lori Anderson tried some free form stitching...

...and liked it so well, she did it again. 
 For more on this technique, visit http://artfabrik.com/
Kaye Robinson is hoping to help a friend with a naughty dog.

 Sandy Shufelt took a stitching class with Laura Little, and a collage class with Karen Seink, and combined them into a great bag!

Sandy's husband picked out another project for her to make!
The November meeting will be our annual Demo Day!  Always something interesting from our fellow guild members.  Please join us!

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