Friday, January 29, 2021

February Stories

 I've come to really look forward to the emails I receive with pictures and stories to share!

Nancy Schrader sent these pictures, and here is the story that goes with them...

I just finished the binding over the weekend.  I started piecing during my treatments making something for me to keep as I usually gift most of my items.

Named so far, "Waves of Happiness".  Subject to change, the label isn't attached yet.


Melanie Tubinis seemed to feel bad she didn't having a quilt to share, but I don't think anyone will complain about this one.

This is Lily and Cosette, our newest family members. They are Brittany Spaniels.  I know they're not quilting related, but I mentioned them in the note I sent to Alex for the newsletter. 

This is also from Melanie.

This is a Christmas gift I received that I know all quilters will appreciate! 

Mary Ellen Casey Sent these two pictures of quilts made with a pattern called "Plaidish".  (Tutorial by Kitchen Table Quilting here.)

The blue is just “Blue Paid” ; the green one is “Sunlight in the Forest”.



Keep checking back for more pictures!

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