Friday, June 24, 2022

July Swap block and Picnic information


The instructions for this month’s block- a simple double 4 patch-  include several different ways to lay out these blocks- so much fun!  The pdf can be found here:





PLEASE NOTE:  We are using the measurements for an 8 inch block.  So for each block you need:

2: 2½” x 5½” rectangle of Fabric 1- your lightest value fabric

1: 2½” x 5½” rectangle and

1: 4½” square from each of the other two fabrics.  There should be strong contrast between Fabric 1 and the other two.

These measurements are on page 3 of the instructions.  As always, you may submit more than one block, but may only enter the drawing once.  


(PS_ for those with bins of Scrap Therapy squares- my test block above was made with them- the sizes are perfect for matching 2 inch and 3½ inch squares!)


Location: Dewitt Park, Cedar St, Batavia  (Maps are coming in the July newsletter)

·        Please bring your own place setting and beverage, and remember Dewitt is a CARRY-IN, CARRY- OUT park.  This means if you bring disposables, you will be responsible for taking it back home to throw it away. 

·        For your dish to pass- as we have been doing since returning to in-person meetings- please make sure it is presented either in single servings, or that you bring proper utensil to ensure no one needs to touch the food.  (For example, NO bowls of chips or snack mix, and cookies and brownies should be served with tongs).  Sanitizer will be provided at the food table, and all should use it before and after serving their food. 

·        There is very limited access to electricity, so please don’t bring crockpots, etc. 

·        Each group of friends may wish to bring a tablecloth and clips to cover the picnic table.  (I will have a limited supply)

For an added activity, I’d like everyone to bring their favorite summer themed quilt (or two) for a bonus show and tell.   If it comes with a story, that’s even better!  Any questions?  Call/ text/ email me!


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