Saturday, February 2, 2013

January Show and Tell plus a preview of the Challenge!

Special guests Sammy Rychliki (right) and Hannah Morrison, granddaughters of Elaine Ross and Dodie Morrison, led us in the Pledge of Allegiance to open the meeting.

Before Show and Tell, the Guild presented gifts of thanks.
 Kathi Everett has been our Programs Chair for FOUR years!  That is a huge service to us and we all appreciate her hard work and dedication!


Mary Ellen Ames has been our delegate to the NYState Quilters Consortium for over 10 years!!
Dodie Morrison has agreed to stay on for another term as Treasurer, but the guild acknowledges and appreciates the service she has already given

 Show and tell was, as usual, fun and inspiring.
 Kathi made this little quilt in answer to an internet challenge using photo transfer medium
 Isn't it nice that Hannah and Sammy coordinated with Kathi's beautiful ice-dyed fabric!
Kathi used the fabric she won at the Silent Action in October to accent this piece she made for a RAFA exhibit.  The background was printed by next month's co-speaker, Julie Brandon.


 Martha presented the new banner to be hung with the Challenge, or other public events. (It's just a top in this picture)
Martha found some strip sets leftover from the raffle quilt to give this some pizzazz.  The rest of the strips will show up in a later project for the guild.

Linda Prouty's latest creation

 Mary Kozub is making gifts for the secretaries at work using a technique devised by Ann Brauer
(It's ok that they weren't done yet since the secretaries are off until spring semester begins)

Cheryl Doody

Fundraiser quilt
This one was made by members Mary Ellen Casey, Shirley Lapp, Pat Gardner, Kay Lennon and Carolyn Kurek as part of their quilt ministry at church.

by Eula Serrino

Many members call the January meeting their favorite one of the year because of the presentation of the challenge quilts.  This year's theme, from Lori Anderson,  as stated in the newsletter last April:
This year the annual Challenge theme will be “LITERATURE”!
Who’s your favorite author? Which book(s) do you love? If you’re not a reader, what about your child’s or grandchild’s favorite book? This theme will work for both traditional and art quilters and any style in-between. Here are some ideas to get you thinking:
 Use book themed fabric & make a 9-patch or other traditional block.
 Make blocks to look like a book.
 Add appliquéd books on to your blocks
 Recreate a scene from the book.
 Make a landscape quilt showing where the story is set.

Seventeen members made a total of twenty quilts in answer to this challenge.  They will be on display in the Richmond Memorial Library During the month of February.  Here are a few of them.  Members votes will decide awards.

 Gloria Crittenden can always be counted on to bring in something fun, and she did not disappoint!  First there was the "Fifty Shades of Grey" quilt.  She said "somebody had to do it".
Then she showed this magnifying glass "Who Done it?", in a tribute to the Nancy Drew mysteries.

Mary Kozub found a new way to interpret a family portrait, using thread sketching.  This is a picture of her grandfather reading to her and her siblings.

Melanie Watson was also inspired by Nancy Drew.  She printed the front and back covers of a book and made a Kindle cover.  Sort of old meets new.

Bethany Anderson was inspired by the Harry Potter books. These symbolize events in "The Prisoner of Azkaban"

And since you can't see it at the library, here is the back side of Kathi's so cool book bag.

All of the entries can be seen in the next post, from the display at the library

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