Monday, February 18, 2013

February meeting- IMPORTANT news

 Before we get to show and tell, there are two pieces of news we need to make sure everyone gets.

First, and most important:  The MARCH meeting will be held at the Genesee County Nursing Home, 278 Bank St, Batavia.  More specific information will be in your newsletter.

Second:  A HUGE thank you to Connie Grimsley and Ann O'Geen, who have volunteered to be the  chairs for our 2014 quilt show!

 And now for the pictures!  (Isn't that why you visit most of the blogs you read?)

Kathy did some more snow dyeing.  First on an apron she found at the second hand store.

Then with better results once she remembered you have to allow the snow to run off using a grate of some kind.

Kathy had sent this photo of her daughter's fiance's daughter to Julie Brandon for printing.  Isn't she sweet? 
 This piece will be a gift for a retiring co-worker.  Kathi advises us not to work on such fine applique late in the day.
 Tracy Jachimowicz made this sweet table runner
 Emmy Hartwick.made this holiday log cabin quilt for her husband.
 Melanie and mary Anne inspect the inside of terry McGuire's new bag made to carry her rotary cutter mat.
The pocket says "Finished in Better than Perfect!".  Terry also mentioned that there is now a quilting group meeting at St James church.  The next meeting will be March 3rd, right after services - around noon.  Fellow member Kathy Belluscio is also a member of this group.
 Ethyl Sojda made the deer quilt for her son, who is a hunter.  The lovely scrappy quilt is for community service.
 Ethyl made this chicken quilt for her other son.  Both the deer and the chicken are trapuntoed.
 Kim Sherman finally finished her first quilt- the one that started it all- with the prairie point edging.

 The Art C Girlz showed the results of a fabric challenge.  Mary Kozub provided each member with a fat quarter sized piece of ice dyed fabric to play with. 

 Mary saw ladies hiding in her piece.  She calls this "Guardians"

Susan didn't see anything in hers, so she cut it up and made exotic fish!
 MaryEllen Casey also saw ladies in her fabric, but hers were doing the can-can- Toulouse-Laytrec style.

Elaine saw stained glass windows in her fabric, and used the opportunity to try thread sketching
Martha intended to try bargello,  but something else happened.  She based her colors on a picture from Badlands National Park.

Chris Kuehl was preparing for retreat by making a cover/ carrying bag for her iron.

New member Mary Lowe presented this 3-d quilt she made.  Below is a close up of the spider she created in the center.

Martha finally found time to turn one of her doodles (zentangles) into a quilt!

Elaine made a lenten banner for her church.  They weren't sure she'd have any purple.  :-)

Ann Renica- the overachiever- had a blast with a new block she found and her Scrap Therapy squares.  All of these will be donated to the ministry Anne works with. (sorry, Anne, I missed the name)

After all of this, guest presenters (and new members!) Julie Brandon and Val Schultz shared some of their quilts and tools for collaboration with us.

 One of  Julie's digitally printed quilts, which Val quilted.
 There was a mistake in this printing. The actual quilt is currently part of a touring exhibit.

 This was an audience participation event.  Volunteers were chosen at random and given crowns!

The winners were narrowed to four participants, who were given paper and playthings.  Using audience suggestions, the papers were drawn on, colored, glued and otherwise altered.

 (the music was fun, too!)

 The results will be scanned and Julie will play with them a bit before printing each one out for the participants to play with!

This is a sample of the results from a previous class.

Many thanks to Julie and Val for coming back to see us!  Don't forget you can send images to be printed to Julie at Red-Dog Enterprises, Inc.


Kathi said...

Martha, you do such a great job recording the who & what of each post!

Studio Emmy said...

Thank you, Martha, for all the work you do on the Museum Quilt Guild blog! Great job!