Thursday, February 2, 2017

Bars Challenge on Display!

Here's the challenge exhibit.  How did you like it?

Challenge co-chairs Mary Kozub and Kathi Everett were thrilled by the number and variety of entries in this year's "Bars" challenge!  Hanging the quilts in the gallery room at the Richmond Memorial Library was a different, but exciting, challenge.

Making the final adjustments

It came together smoothly and the result is a gorgeous display of the talent in our Guild!

Here is a wall by wall view. 

And here for your enjoyment are the entries.  Make sure you stop by the library anytime before Feb 28 to enjoy them in person and vote for your favorites.
Members, be sure to make your choices for awards in each category!  If you can't get in to see the show in person, you can email your choices to Mary Kozub. PLEASE be sure your ballot gets to Mary by noon on March 17, to allow her time to tally before the meeting the next day. The ballot with the list of categories is here.

Barcode, by Susan Rathbun

What if the Moon Were Square, by Gloria Crittenden

Over the Rainbow, by Lausei Kozub

Salad Bars, by Mary Ellen Casey

Piano Bars, by Elaine Ross

Glowing From Inside, by Mary Ellen Ames

Dirty Martini, by Mary Lowe

A Winter Day, by Gloria Crittenden

Salute to the Lowly Barcode, by Ann Renica

Bars Behind Bars, by Nancy Ellers

Barbecue Grillin', by Elaine Lemley

Name the Bar, by Martha Lorshbaugh

High Tech Tuck Bars, by Susan Rathbun

Amish Bars, by Dorothy Doerrer

Marginal Way: Ogonquit, ME, by Cynda Watroba

Breaking Free of Self-Imposed Barriers, by Dodie Morrison

Race Point: Provincetown, MA, by Cynda Watroba

Let's Sing a Few Bars, by Terry McGuire

Bar Harbor, Maine, by Chris Kuehl

Barky Birches, by Joan Gaylord

Parallel Bars, by Elaine Ross

Alien Plant Life, by Martha Lorshbaugh

Big Amazing Red Spots, by Mary Kozub

Beautiful Women, by Mary Kozub

Star Bars, by Donna Sofokles

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The Two Terriers said...

I love those quilts ladies, all of them. Great work. John