Monday, February 20, 2017

February was Naughty and Nice!

Our February meeting featured a visit from renowned quilt artist Jack Edson, who came all the way from Hamburg, NY to visit us.

In GUILD NEWS, we are still in need of members willing to chair the next quilt show.   It sounds like a colossal undertaking, but the members pitch in a lot and the committee chairs all do a great job with their part of the planning. Please consider giving it a try- it's great way to meet members you haven't had a chance to get to know during meetings.
We are also in need of someone to oversee the making of the next raffle quilt.  This is your chance to design a quilt and let the members do much of the actual sewing for you!

 Mary Kozub announced the theme for the next challenge: Naughty or Nice.  I could tell by the giggling and buzz of conversation, there were plenty of ideas swirling around the room.  I'm sure some even went home and started their quilt.. 
If you haven't seen the current challenge quilts on display yet, please head over to the Richmond Memorial Library before Feb 28.  More information here.


Martha Lorshbaugh is trying to clean up her UFOs this year.

Nancy Ellers snowman mug rugs

A "tumbler" flag using a cutting gadget

the kitties also came with the cutter

A valentine's day door hanger

This will be part of a fundraiser at the Clarence quilt show in April

A bit of whimsy from Nancy

Donna Tomski just got this from her quilter, made with 5 inch tumblers

The back of Donna's quilt

Michelle Graham made this for her daughter, who then chose different colors... this one will also be for her daughter.

 Julie Brandon, Val Schultz and Kathi Everett collaborated on this quilt, titled "Enchantment". It has been juried into the Beauty in Pieces: Scrap Quilts for the 21st Century exhibit, which will debut at the International Quilt fest in Chicago later this year.

Pat Gardner is donating this quilt to the St Mary's cancer center

Suzie Spicer took the quilt as you go class

Susie's came out a bit different because she did her own thing

Angie Vallette made this using cork fabric

Elaine Ross quilted ice-dyed mandalas

Elaine made this from a bag challenge

When all you can do is make art, make art!

Jack Edson gave us a wonderful history of his quilting journey.

 He began by making miniatures- hand pieced!

Jack says he is at heart a colorist, and loves to play with the way colors interact with each other.

 He uses traditional quilt blocks to make many of his portrait quilts, often making two versions of the block and cutting away what he doesn't need.

 Inspired by this poster of John Lennon, Jack made the quilt below- his most popular and at time, his least favorite.  He is working on smaller versions of this to be sold.

This is a sample of the collage class Jack teaches.

You can see more of Jack's work on display at the Nichols School in Buffalo through  April 3.

It's retreat week!  Watch this space for scenes of our favorite 4 days of the year!

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