Saturday, January 18, 2020

Challenge reveal and wool felt penguins

At our January meeting, we were treated to a preview of the 2020 Stitches in Time raffle quilt.  The name is Midnight Garden.  Our own Cathy Schmeider will be quilting it, and I know it will be even more amazing once she's done with it!

Our Modern Solids challenge quilts were due today.  There was a pretty long line of people waiting to reveal!  That means our exhibit at the Richmond Memorial Library next month will be amazing!
Until then, here is a preview.... 

Martha Lorshbaugh

Martha Lorshbaugh

Connie Grimsley

Ann Renica

Mary Ellen Ames

Jenny Grimsley

Dodie Morrison

Mary Ellen Casey

Lori Anderson

Tracy Jachimowicz

Kathi Everett

Pat Gardner

Kathy Belluscio

Chris Kuehl

Alex Hammon

Kevin Hammon

Susan Rathbun

Susan Rathbun

Mary Kozub

Mary Kozub

Laurie Kilbury Taylor

Nancy Schrader

Elaine Lemley

Elaine Lemley

Terry McGuire

Elaine Ross

Elaine Ross

Val Schultz

Gloria Crittenden

Gloria Crittenden

Cynda Watroba

Cynda Watroba
 These pictures d not do justice to most of the quilts shown, so I hope you will all be able to visit the library beginning Feb 2 (the exhibit will be hung on Feb 1) to get a better look. 

After the meeting, Nancy Topolski presented a class on needle felting.  These are only a few of the items she has available for sale!

This is the class photo of the completed projects.  A perfect project for a very wintry day!

  We were all very happy with our new friends!

In February we'll be learning about sewing machine maintenance.  Guests are always welcome!


Kathi said...

32 entries for the annual challenge!

Studio Emmy said...

Beautiful challenge quilts and so much variety! Can't wait to see the exhibit!