Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Modern Solids Challenge Exhibit

The Challenge committee had a challenge in hanging all the beautiful entries in the "Modern Solids" challenge at the Richmond Memorial Library last week, but they succeeded in creating a fabulous display of the work submitted.  
Members- lease remember to stop in and vote for your choices for the awards.  Everyone is welcome to vote for the viewer's choice category.  If you can't get to the library, I hope these pictures will allow you to enjoy the quilts.

Ann Renica (D'oh!- I cropped it before I wrote the name)

Self Portrait - You Can't be 20 Again, by Mary Kozub

Star of Wonder, by Elaine Lemley

Purse, by Donna Sofokles

Wooly, by Elaine Lemley

Picasso Calla Lilies, by Laurie Kilbury Taylor

I'm Biased, by Dodie Morrison

Color Explosion, by Donna Sofokles

Sunrise, by Gloria Crittenden

Our Sweetheart, by Kathy Beluscio

Mad Dash, by Jennifer Grimsley

Lost in Space, by Connie Grimsley

Color Therapy, by Mary Kozub

Rainbow Rockslide, by Pat Gardner

1, 2, 3, 5, 8...Fibonacci, by Mary Ellen Ames

Gwen and Zen, by Martha Lorshbaugh

Beneath the snow 2: Crocus, by Cynda Watroba

Square in a Square, by Mary Ellen Casey

15 Solids, by Susan Rathbun

Rainbows Aren't Perfect, by Cynda Watroba

Untitled, by Val Schultz

Too Modern Log Cabin, by Susan Rathbun

Modern Flowers, by Gloria Crittenden

Dragonfly, by Tracy Jachimowicz

Modern Birches, by Elaine Ross

Box Turtle, by Kevin Hammon (apologies to Kevin- his colors are so much more vibrant!)

Balloons Over Letchworth, by Elaine Ross

Rainbow Sprinkles, by Martha Lorshbaugh

Hidden Gems, by Alex Hammon

Buster No. 2, by Lori Anderson

Yellow Rose of Texas, by Chris Kuehl

Salute, by Nancy Schrader

Safe Place, by Kathi Everett

Liberty's Invitation, by Terry McGuire

Now we all can't wait to hear the next challenge, so we can procrastinate until next December!

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